Stairs in private houses: 15 examples from Russian projects


The most common ladder can be made originalan architectural object and even an interior center. We collected 15 ladders from Russian projects, and they will certainly inspire you to ideas for your own country houses

Beautiful stairs in country houses and urbanapartments always produced a fascinating impression on us. Gracefully and with a fantasy to solve the issue of moving between floors is not given to everyone. Today we decided to collect a collection of the most interesting stairs, created by Russian designers and architects.

1. In the design studio of Andrey Shemonaev, a ladder was designed, which requires a full-bricks wall for stability. Very interesting, lightweight design.

2. This bright yellow staircase was designed in Crosby Studios. An excellent example of a staircase as an interior center.

3. This staircase in a country house from the studio of Tatiana Ilyina attracted us with its airiness. Despite the fact that the staircase, like the house itself, is absolutely new, it looks like part of an old family nest.

4. This apartment is a joint project of Maria Andrianova and Tatyana Orlyonok. A two-storey loft with a spiral staircase that takes up minimum space and looks very cool.

5. Another version of the spiral staircase, this time more solid. The apartment was designed by the studio Element.

6. Bureau Alexandra Fedorova always happy with original projects. This staircase with a glass partition attracted our attention with lightness and some kind of translucence of the structure. In addition, it acts as a zoning element here.

7. Two simple materials - steel and concrete - can be turned into a visually appealing object in skillful hands. In this case, skillful hands belong to Marina Pennie.

8. This forged staircase with lilies was designed by Fyodor Efremov for a house in Krasnodar.

9. This spiral staircase from 4a Architekten Moscow connects three levels of the house at once. Art object behind the stairs is a volumetric work of aluminum.

10. In this country house of Anton Yakubov-Tsarikov we were attracted by the idea with open shelves between staircases. The rack was designed and manufactured by Dmitry Kislyakov from CUB.A.

11. Lilia Pankova designed this ladder for a country house in Kazan. The house, judging by the size of the stairs, rather big.

12. Olga Simagina and Ksenia Eliseeva created this ladder for their project "apartments with a Siberian character."

13. The bright construction from Natalia Preobrazhenskaya for a fusion-style apartment is equipped with special fences for the safety of its small inhabitants.

14. This ladder was designed in StudioMR for a house in the village of Turar. 15. For this house, "AY Design" created two completely different ladders, one of which, screwed with glass steps, seems to lead to a private zone with bedrooms.