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Let's draw with chalk, or How to use the slate in the interior: 8 inspirational ideas and examples

Today we will share ideas for using a slateboards in the most unexpected versions. This is an excellent field for creativity and the embodiment of unusual ideas in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the nursery, as well as in pieces of furniture and decor. Brave and extraordinary personalities are looking for original solutions in everything, including when designing their own interior. They break stereotypes and bring a touch of creativity everywhere. If you are just such people and are looking for new ideas for the design of your home, our article is for you! Make your interior interesting, trendy and atmospheric with a slate surface. Draw with chalk on the wall, on the doors, on the refrigerator and other objects and make your wildest fantasies come true!

Idea number 1: flower pots

Ordinary flower pots can turn into a stylish decor element. Paint them with slate paint, and write with chalk, for example, the names of plants. Very simple and beautiful!

Idea number 2: manifestation of love

Want to make romantic notes in a relationship - get a slate in the form of a heart. Leave on her original messages, make appointments and confess to each other in love.

Idea # 3: black labels - French charm

Cover the sheets of densecardboard or plywood plates. Add original chalk labels to baskets, jars or lids of any container. Our opinion This setting is used in French bakeries. If you use this technique in the interior of the kitchen, it will transform and acquire a unique charm.

Idea # 4: surprise the guests

Surprise guests and create a festive moodeasily! Before entering the room, put a slate plate with a greeting written on it. Use small pointers to guide you to the holiday table. Write the names of all the guests with crayons on the plates and attach them to chairs or place them on the table. Our Opinion Write the holiday menu on the big board. Then use the slate banner as an entertainment element: you can play tic-tac-toe on it, write or draw original wishes. Show your imagination, please your family and friends!

Idea # 5: notes on the old chest of drawers

Harmoniously fit black into the interior of the houseyou can use the old chest of drawers. A special effect is created by vintage, antique versions, where there are a large number of different drawers. Paint them partially (the main color can be any color). On the cells, make chalk inscriptions or drawings to remind you of what is and where. Convenient for the forgetful. Our opinion A special atmosphere is created by the chests of drawers completely painted in black or blue. White inscriptions on them will remove the element of drama and bring freshness and magnetism to the interior.

Idea number 6: if the children in the house

When children appear in the house, beautiful wallpaperturn into the field of their creativity. Therefore, slate surfaces are a real find for parents. Such boards are appropriate in any room, not only in the nursery. Moreover, there are options for furniture with a slate surface at the bottom of the headset. Our opinion It is convenient when in the kitchen you can select a part of the wall for children's creativity. If not, then the front door is fine for this. Blackboards with magnets are sold for the refrigerator. Choose interesting models with silhouettes of animals, butterflies, clouds. Now the child will not be bored while you cook.

Idea number 7: no worse than in a cafe

In restaurants, bars and cafes, slatesenjoy great success. They write down menus, promotions and discounts. Why not use this idea in the kitchen? Our opinion The slate board will become an original element of the interior with useful functions. On it you can write down menus, recipes and reminders to each other.

Idea number 8: a wall for brilliant ideas in the bedroom

Slate board installed at the headboardbeds, - an invaluable subject for creative personalities. After all, brilliant ideas, poems, poems, songs and scientific discoveries are often born at night. So you can leave notes on the wall, without getting up at this bed.

On a note!

  • As the main background for the slate surface, use a contrast bright or bright color. If you frame it with a board, it is best to take a white color or a shade of natural wood.
  • Wall with slate surface requiredwill become dominant in the interior of the room. Use it to make a spectacular accent in the area of ​​the dining table or decorative partition. It can be a perfect backdrop for the head of the bed.
  • If you are embarrassed by black color, make a choice in favor of a dark blue or gray coating. Combine them with soft, light sand, beige and cream shades.