Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Bright interior: the project of the Moscow apartment


How can I reflect the profession of the owner of an apartment in the interior? Is it enough just to hang the steering wheel on the wall in the driver's room? What if the head of the family is an information security engineer?

We bring to your attention a design project of an apartmentwith an area of ​​154 square meters and ceilings of 3 meters, with two ventilation shafts and three supporting columns. This project is the diploma work of Maria Mishchenko, a graduate of the Modern School of Design. The Modern School of Design The Modern School of Design is an educational private institution of additional professional education that prepares specialists in various areas of design. During the learning process, visits to production facilities and showrooms are organized for students, and master classes are held by representatives of leading specialized companies. The school graduates about 200 design specialists annually. The school provides an opportunity for employment, for this, representatives of companies from various business areas are invited to open defense of graduation projects. After completing the programs, graduates are issued a diploma of professional retraining (of the established sample).

The apartment project is designed for a family of three people: A married couple and their child. The head of the family works in a large Intel company as an information security engineer, which indicates his continued employment at the computer. His wife is a housewife, who is fond of sewing clothes, and her son studies at school and likes to play guitar and synthesizer.

When planning it, it was necessary to take into account the individual needs of each family member and maintain the interior in a modern style. Shaping

The idea of ​​plastic forms is indirectly related toProfession of the head of the family: the chip is chosen as a forming element in the interior of the apartment. The geometry of the lines on the microcircuit was reproduced on the design of ceilings and walls. Places of soldering prompted the necessary form of lamps. Shine

Artificial lighting mainly consists ofpendant and spotlights. All pendant chandeliers are chrome and have flowing lines. Particularly noteworthy is the LED lighting in the common area made of veneered MDF. Coloristic solution

Plastic elements are made of beams andpanels of veneered MDF. White walls and neutral furnishings in beige tones accentuate the texture of the wood. Light color scheme visually makes the space spacious and light. Layout

Initially, a room with three supporting columnsHad a free lay-out without partitions. After the construction of all the walls and space was divided into zones and rooms, the area was 145 square meters.

In the most spacious room with a bay windowThere is a living room, combined with a kitchen and a dining area. The clarity of lines and facets on the ceiling contrasts with simple elegant forms of furniture, creating an ideal balance. All the elements of the glossy kitchen set literally disappeared in the walls and corners, without loading the space. Completes the interior of this area chrome futuristic chandelier over the dining area.

The planning decision wasSo that each member of the family has a separate space for work and rest. The apartment was allocated office for sewing and needlework and one - as an office - to work at the computer. For storage of things two wardrobes and a storage room for household things are organized.

Both the public and private zones are made in the same style and color, but are clearly divided among themselves. The motives of the chip in the son's room are traced in the lines of the wooden rack.