How to arrange for 2 days in the apartment: the top 10 solutions -


How to correctly plan, organize and realize storage in the whole apartment, we know better than many. We wrote about this for a year and today we present you the 10 best articles on such an important topic

Every year the number of things in our homes is multiplying. We throw only broken and torn. And how many pieces on the shelves are arranged, the need for which has not yet manifested itself!

According to our modest statistics, the organizationstorage - almost the most burning issue, this is not the first year, scraping the minds of all the tenants and landlords. In 2015, we tried as hard as possible to study this issue in detail and devoted a huge amount of materials to it. Today we will remember the best of them.

Preparing for the release of this material, we examined each centimeter of our bedrooms and not without surprise discovered a lot of unused space. All our discoveries

The more we are hospitable and the more often we preferhome celebrations outlets "in the light", the more "loaded" our kitchen. Hardly we will dare to get rid of the old, but "the best" cast-iron frying pan, or from a set of desserts, or from a collection of mugs. No problem. The abundance of favorite things - this is not a sign of painful thrift, but the reason to read here

Your small bathroom can be bigger. It can allow you to move around freely and not to dump the contents of shelves to the floor, do not touch bubbles and tubes, and at some point you can even store a change of towels here. Do not believe me?

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable proceduresputting things in order for any girl, girl and woman is associated with means of bringing beauty. We can hang and lay out decorations even for days on end. But doing it as compactly as possible, ergonomically and beautifully is still not superfluous.

In order to open the topic of storage in a city apartment from all possible sides, we met with an experienced interior designer Tina Gurevich and asked her

Too often we could not find paper clips, sharpeners and even hooks in drawers in time, so we decided to write. As it turned out, we used to live wrong.

A house without books is like a man without a head. But there is one problem - how to place the library for the benefit of the interior and not to the detriment of books? Answers in our

Finally we got to the most obvious -wardrobe. And we have something to surprise you. All kinds of adaptations, organizers and hangers of very different directions now appeared an incredible amount. Read all about this

The good housewife has everything in deed and on the spot. Even the mops are hidden so that an ignorant guest in life will not guess,

In we have collected 30 cool ideas for all occasions, for all rooms and for any mood.