Organization of space

How in 48 hours to make out the trash in the bathroom


48 hours for such a big deal asa general cleaning in the bathroom may seem too optimistic for a period, but our new material will dispel your doubts and will certainly spur you on new achievements. The bathroom is one of the most beloved rooms for most women, and that's why there is almost always not enough space. How to solve the problem of clutter, if you want to see results tomorrow? Very simple.

1. Toilet

First, let's look at the toilet. Above the tank or toilet bowl (if you have it suspended) - the mass of unused space, which can be used to store various detergents and hygiene items.

2. Towels

This absolutely necessary subject is practicallynever lives in the bathroom alone and "steals" a huge amount of free space, especially if hung just on the hook. However, if you manage to pick up the right suspension bracket or organize several closely located shelves, towels can be stored in a compact and neat appearance. That's just have to fold them regularly.

3. Stairs

For lazy masters who do not want to spend their energy onyou can suggest an option with a ladder, on which you can hang not only towels, but also a robe, and even a few moist, freshly washed things. If only there was enough room for her.

4. Wardrobe

Those lucky ones that could put the washingmachine in another room, can safely use the vacant space under the high cabinet. In stores now you can choose angular models, which can be not only much more roomy, but also more compact than usual ones.

5. Narrow shelves

The scarcity of space is not a reason to deny yourselfin small things. They can be placed on narrow shelves, not more than 7 cm wide. True, you will have to acquire the same small containers, so that all your cotton buds and combs do not pour on each air movement. Opinion of the editorial office: - It is better to supply boxes and boxes for information purposes with informational labels in order to always know where the dental floss, night cream or lotion for problem skin.

6. Shelves for the shower

Suspended and corner shelves for soap, shampoo and sponges are the simplest and most practical option. Some models do not even require special fasteners. In addition, they are very easy to clean.

7. Hairdryer

What else causes as much irritation asabandoned where the hair dryer? Walk around the hardware store, and you probably will quickly find a special holder. For his sake, of course, we will have to tackle a drill, but the problem with eternally twisted wires will be solved once and for all. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - The same holders can be purchased for glasses with a toothbrush, for a soap dispenser or for a comb. Any object most often used should be identified in its special place. So you will not scatter a dozen jars every time just by pulling on the toothpaste.

8. Boxes

This option is for those who do not want to spend eithera penny of extra money. Just find a few boxes of fruit / vegetables or a couple of wicker baskets. Grind them, if necessary, paint - and voila, the country style storage system is ready. It remains to find a place for her.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,