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How in one day to arrange a fireplace in a city apartment -

How to simultaneously "warm up" and beautifully decorateyour apartment? Can we do it on our own without the help of a professional designer or a master? Can all this be done quickly and inexpensively? In our article - positive answers to all these and some other questions and the best ways to solve the tasks. With the approach of autumn we tell our readers everything that is time to do in the house, about new, unexpected solutions and solutions that will help you make your home even more comfortable, and everyday life - better. Today we suggest that you spend one day at home. Rather, you can choose the day for the hassle of any, at your discretion, namely today - carefully prepare for it, having studied the theory and gathering everything you need beforehand. So, let's talk about the fireplace. All people are divided into two conditional groups: those who want to have a fireplace at home, and those who already have it. What can be better than the real hearth around which we gather on winter evenings, look at the flame that flashes at us, conduct unhurried conversations with friends, reinforcing the meaning of the conversation with a glass of good wine? We found three variants of an ideal hearth that would be better than a real fireplace! Well, not better - just as good as it is. This falshkem, bio-fireplace and electric fireplace. You frustrated grunt - well, and what are these fireplaces better than their centuries-old progenitor? And here's what! Sit comfortably and listen. All three of the miracles of human thought mentioned by us have the following advantages: they can be installed in an apartment, unlike a real hearth with an open flame; artificial fireplaces do not absorb oxygen, well, or almost do not absorb, quite a bit of this biocamine; they are safe for others, which is important if the house has children and pets. To install such fireplaces do not have to turn half the wall, do not need to remove the roof chimney and regularly clean it. There are a couple of dozen pluses, but you can find them with joy when you become a happy owner of an artificial fireplace. Look, what a delight! Yes, you are already fidgeting impatiently, realizing thatfound the meaning of existence for the near future. But before you rvanet in the store for building materials and tools, let's put everything in order. We will save your nerves and time by telling you step by step what and how you will do. It does not matter which type of fireplace you choose, the basic materials and tools for their manufacture are the same. About the difference and nuances we will mention separately, considering each option in more detail. So, you will need:

  • drywall;
  • metallic profile;
  • metal screws;
  • screws for gypsum board;
  • putty for interior works;
  • screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • pencil.

This is the basic set, without which you can not do. Note that a good owner in the house has at least half of this list. The rest you buy in the nearest building store. Now briefly about the stages of arrangement of the fireplace. As you understand, you will have to do a portal - we mean that you already have a "filling" for it in your home. At least for falshkina. But more on that later. First of all, choose the place where you will mount the future fireplace. This may be the corner of a room where the sun does not normally reach, and so there can not even be a flower put there. If the room has a niche or a small bay window, you are generally lucky! The builders or the architect made you a present! Use their greetings to the maximum. Well, at the very least, take the closet away from the middle of the wall, move the chairs apart and take out a bulky chest in another room - it's been a long time ago for you, have not you? Mark out the contours for the portal with roulette, calculate the width and depth, in accordance with these calculations, determine how many sheets of drywall you will need. Do not cope with the calculations themselves, grab them in the store and show the seller. And better take one sheet of drywall more. On plasterboard it is necessary to mark the contours of the product, each part of it. This layout depends on the shape and configuration that you prefer. Cutting out all details of the Bulgarian, check how they will look at the wall, gently attaching them to it. Now deal with the metal profile and fixing the whole structure to it. Here you will need glue, putty and a sense of humor. Because immediately everything is right you will not succeed. Therefore, do not rush to fix everything at once - check again all the connections, sizes and correspondence of what is obtained, to what was intended. Now you need a spare sheet of drywall, which we advised to buy. The details, cut incorrectly, can be cut again, already perfectly. t, in which you paint the finished product, depends on the overall range of the interior and your intention to merge the portal with the wall or make it an accent part. And the finish of the man-made masterpiece is chosen based on the aforementioned "filling". Consider three options from which we began to inspire you to the feats, more. Falshkamine In principle, all "foci" in which there is no open wood or coal fire, can be called falshkanami. But we are now talking about a specific option, where a "fiery" role can play at best a candle or a garland with bulbs. To create comfort and simulate a heat source, this is quite enough. Inside, you can place mirrors so that the effect of burning candles or bulbs is stronger. It looks beautiful composition of candles of different heights and diameters, but their color is a matter of your taste and tasks. If you have small children, replace the candles with any lovely heart and gaze with objects - plush toys, a grandmother's chest, a shelf with baubles or books, a vase of flowers. In any case, it will be beautiful and unusual. What exactly to put in an improvised niche depends on the style of the interior. You can even put real firewood there. A pastoral and Christmas accessories will remind you that very soon we will celebrate the New Year, and gifts for relatives and friends can be put on falshkina or even inside it. Biokamin This version of the fireplace is more thancheerful and absolutely ecological. Everything is perfect: there is a flame - there is no smell and soot; there is a heat source - there is no firewood or wires; it is possible to easily rearrange or change to another copy - never get bored and will not be discordant with any interior. Using the similarity of the bio fireplace with a small fire, you can try to decorate the portal from the outside and inside more ingeniously. It will be appropriate to imitate the brickwork, you can add a real pebble and even put a basket with crumbs next to it. Brutal minimalism of the interior, if you are his admirer, will make it easier: you can give the portal a look of a cement surface, which makes unnecessary labor-consuming work to cut out jewelry or complex geometric details. You just need to refuel your fireplace with biofuel and enjoy life in warmth and comfort. Our opinion: - As biocamine is still active burning, although by means of biofuel, oxygen combustion takes place. Do not forget to ventilate the room periodically - the fresh air will only emphasize the warmth and comfort of the charming interior that you have designed yourself. Electric fireplace Electric fireplace in principle is similar in appearance to the bio fireplace, they can even be confused. The difference is that the electric fireplace uses electricity instead of fuel, which is understandable from the name. In this and some inconvenience - arranging the portal, where you put the unit, think about how to hide the wire and do not exclude access to it. The design of the portal depends on the skill of your hands and the availability of materials. If there is no forge at your disposal, but there is a burning desire to depict a kind of iron frame, look on the Internet and embody what you saw in the same drywall or wood. Remains only to pick up the paint or finish, which will complete the idea. But remember that the electric fireplace performs more aesthetic role than utilitarian, that is, one can say about it: it shines, but does not heat. At the same time, he does not burn oxygen, which must also be taken into account when making his choice. Our opinion: - To make any of the portals that we showed you today, it is quite possible in one day, getting out of the pantry or buying the chosen "stuffing". You just need to think carefully about where you place it, whether it will prevent you from moving around the room, as it can be combined with massive furniture. Probably, it is necessary to make a reshuffle. But in any case it will not take long. As a result, you will get a very effective addition to the decor of the room, and believe me, you will appreciate it very soon, when the rainy autumn comes into its own, and winter will hurry to your doorstep.