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How in a small living room to make a library in the whole wall + color palette -

Dreaming of a home library, but hardly at homeis there a separate room for books? There is only one way out - to combine! Using the project of Ekaterina Kozlova as an example, we show how to make a stylish reading room out of a living room by combining furniture, modern technology and painting in the interior. the right place. To correctly place the entire collection, you will definitely need. For example, in the living room. How not to turn the rest room into a dusty archive, says the decorator. Ekaterina Kozlova, decorator Born inPetersburg, graduated from the Institute of Culture and Art. Later she moved to Moscow, where she entered the "Details" studio school and got the qualification of a practicing decorator there. Trained and took various master classes in America and Europe. In 2015, she completed an internship at the KLC London School. He is fond of contemporary art and follows trends in the art market. This living room was created for an intelligent family - editors of a historical magazine. The first thing that caught my eye when meeting with customers was a huge, simply incredible amount of books, which swallowed up virtually all the free space. After communication, it became clear that all these books are their life and passion, so it was decided to transform an ordinary living room into a cozy and functional library-salon for reading books, relaxing and socializing. The centerpiece in the room was made ondecorative fireplace order. Above it is a geometric mirror, made in the style of Art Deco, which visually enlarges the space and serves as an element of decor. At the same time, it is functional: a mirror TV is built into it, which, when turned off, merges with the picture of the panel. The main colors of this interior are soft,most of the gray, most comfortable for the eyes. A gray in combination with brass always looks noble. A geometric panel, a table with clear graphic lines, brass inserts - all these are elements of the Art Deco style. To soften it a little, the furniture was chosen from the Scandinavian designer - refined, soft and laconic forms. Armchairs and a sofa were made in the workshop on an individual order. To better understand the combination of colors in this living room, we have prepared for you a palette of basic shades and painted how best to use it. Textiles were also chosen natural shades. The sofa turned out to be deep, cozy, with a velvet finish, which creates an even greater sense of comfort. The bookcase is made in a classical style in combination with open storage systems for books and closed boxes. The architecture of the space has turned out to be very clear and graphic, generally monochrome, but with inclusions of bright contrasting spots. Such accents are also present in the subjects of modern abstract painting, located in a niche above the sofa. Ekaterina Kozlova, decorator:- The picture was painted by me especially for this project. She combined the main interior color - pearl gray - and accent, rich berry-burgundy colors, repeated in textiles. Herringbone parquet and door facades are associated with the French style in the interior - noble, sophisticated, but at the same time slightly eclectic. Lighting deserves special attention, because in a room intended for reading, it must be very well thought out. Here, in addition to the ceiling lamp and the sconce, an LED strip was laid in a niche above the sofa, which gives a soft, flowing light. Also, the mirror panel assumes various scenarios of light, such as lighting around the perimeter or lighting the interior parts. The remote control allows you to change the saturation and brightness of the light. At the edges of the panel there are decorative sconces with candles, which also brings home warmth and romance to the atmosphere of the interior. Tips from Ekaterina Kozlova

  • Active, geometric and graphical elements are always unusual. However, it is important not to overload the interior: for this, counterbalance them with soft and concise forms.
  • In a monochrome interior, boldly add contrasting spots - they will make it more vivid and interesting.
  • Use different types and lighting scenarios, especially in the living room: this room performs several functions at once, each of which needs its own light.
  • Correctly selected art objects, in this case a picture, are able to assemble the entire interior together and give it a finished look.

In the interior of this living room were used:

  • furniture - made to order according to the sketches of Ekaterina Kozlova;
  • The library is made to order according to the sketches of Ekaterina Kozlova;
  • fireplace - on request according to the sketches of Ekaterina Kozlova;
  • mantels - custom made according to the sketches of Ekaterina Kozlova;
  • decorative panel - made to order on the sketches of Ekaterina Kozlova;
  • accessories - CrateandBarrel (United States);
  • chandelier and bra - Cosmorelax (Russia).

Photos by Evgeny Kulibaba. Do you like this interior? Products from our store will help you create a similar one.