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Lilac in the interior: lessons of design by Varvara Zelenetskaya


Today, one of the most unusual and mysteriousInterior designers Varvara Zelenetskaya will tell us about the secrets that keeps the lilac color, and its application in the interior. By the way, it was the lilac that was named among other colors of this year

This fall, the Pantone Color Institute by traditionwill publish a list of shades for next year. Today we will talk about one of the colors of the current season - a complex but very feminine shade of lilac gray. By tradition, interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya will tell us about this. Varvara Zelenetskaya, interior designer Graduated specialist in interior and furniture design, specialist in art management (graduated from the Humanities and Applied Institute and the Institute of Contemporary Art), interned in Florence at the Lorenzo di Medeci Design Institute. Since 2002, he has been a co-owner of the Dekointeriors studio in the Central House of Architects. In 2005 she opened a studio, works with interiors, from an architectural project to individual items that are developed and created independently according to the sketches of the studio's designers in her own workshop.

- In my opinion, it is very beautiful, gentleColor tone. Frank lavender, which many people like and consider incredibly feminine, can be bright and intrusive. Meanwhile, lilac gray is a refined mixture with lavender notes that refresh and give a certain aura of mystery. The nature of the effect produced can depend on the depth of the shade, which we plan to use.

A sufficiently bleached lilac grayWill look great in the beauty salon, the boudoir, the marital bedroom or even the nursery. A more saturated shade will be ideal as accents: curtains, pillows, a wall at the head of the head.

This color will also look greatsofa. Upholstered furniture in principle "likes" such colors. Velvet and velor, due to their texture, look incredibly tender in this color. The fact is that textiles of this kind associatively resemble the velvety surface of flower petals. Therefore, the feeling of celebration and ease in the environment of lilac gray you are provided.

It is also worth saying that this color is noble andEven the monarch, so you will not be mistaken if you use it in the living room. Of course, you should use lilac gray and in the kitchen, but the sensations can be specific. He's too feminine. And if in the house, besides the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the strong part of it lives, it will be necessary to coordinate everything and think a lot about such decisions. But this applies to a large form, and in accents lilac gray will be beautiful both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Another area for the bold introduction of this color -Teenage living rooms. In childhood, many girls love pink, "dressing" everything around. But preferences should grow with a person, and lilac gray can replace a pink childhood in a refined and noble youth. To do this is very simple - take the palette of the hue, spread it from the lightest to the darkest one and select the appropriate combinations to which the child's response will be maximum.