Linoleum: laying, skirting from linoleum own hands


Linoleum - one of the most commonfloor coverings used for repair with their own hands. Excellent durability, ease of laying, a huge selection of colors make this material simply irreplaceable. Modern industry produces linoleum for laminate, tile, mosaic, with embossing and flat surface, with a heater and without it. With such a variety of textures and colors, everyone will be able to choose the ideal option for their home. Floor layoutThe scheme of the device of a floor

Linoleum laying

You will need:

  • linoleum;
  • glue or mastic;
  • flat and serrated spatulas;
  • sharp knife.

Laying is quite simple, but some nuancesstyling you need to know. The first step is to measure the room. For this, it is not enough to measure 2 walls, it is important to measure around the entire perimeter of the room, not forgetting about the ledge under the windowsill. If this is not done, then an unpleasant surprise may await you. The fact is that many old high-rise buildings do not differ in the quality of work: quite often, opposite walls in them can have different lengths. If you measure only one side of the room, then when laying out linoleum it may turn out so that it will not be enough on the other side. If you do not have thresholds in your doorways, then do not forget to add the width of the door slopes to the total length of the linoleum. The structure of household linoleum.should be carried out on a prepared surface. If it is a concrete screed, then it should be flat and not have deep depressions and chips. The plank floor is first reinforced with sheets of plywood - at the same time, screws with countersunk caps are used - and only then the linoleum is laid. The surface is thoroughly vacuumed: there should be no debris and dust. If you will lay linoleum with the glue method, it is better to prime the floor surface (the primer is selected for the material from which the floors are made). After the purchase, linoleum is deployed in the room (where it will be laid), leave it in this form for 2-3 days. This is done in order for the coating to completely unfold. This material can be laid both in a free way (on double-sided tape), and by the glue method, in which special glue or mastic is used. The second method is more reliable, but with this installation, difficulties may arise when replacing the coating. The free method of laying makes it easy to change linoleum if necessary, but difficulties of a different order may arise. Such a surface is rather difficult to vacuum, since a powerful air flow is able to lift the cover, which greatly complicates the cleaning process. Laying begins with the fact that one part of the linoleum is folded from the center to the wall, then glue or mastic is applied using an ordinary spatula and traversed with a toothed end. Wait 10-15 minutes (the exact time is indicated in the instructions on the package of glue or mastic), and then they begin to glue the coating. After that, a roller is passed along the floor, moving from the center to the edges. In this way, air bubbles are expelled. This can also be done manually using a rag (in this case, it is necessary to press the coating with force). Laying linoleum free method is made on double-sided tape, which is glued in the form of a lattice. The protective film from the tape is removed gradually (as the roll with linoleum is unwound). Linoleum should not adhere closely to the wall, usually 5-10 mm of free space is left for the baseboard. It is also important to know how to properly cut this material. Sheets of linoleum are stacked on top of each other with an overlap of 5-10 cm, then a wide masking tape is glued to this place, they take a sharp knife designed for this type of work, make a wavy cut. After that, the scraps are taken out, the seam is glued using cold welding, the tape is removed. You can make not a wave-like cut, but an even one under the ruler, but in this case there is a high probability that the seam will be noticeable. Back to the table of contents</a>

Laying skirting board from linoleum

Scheme laying linoleum. You will need:

  • flute profile;
  • liquid Nails;
  • screwdriver and self-tapping screws.

In order to make a skirting board made of linoleum,you need to purchase a special flute profile. Before you buy a floor covering, you need to measure the room, taking into account the height of the future skirting. Such design is used in premises where there should be an ideal cleanliness, for example, in a nursery or in the kitchen. Between the wall and the floor, a sloping edge (flute) is obtained, thanks to which dirt does not accumulate in the corners, which greatly facilitates the cleaning. The fluted profile is made of plastic materials. The construction consists of a guide, a concave baseboard and a fixing bar. First glued to liquid nails or screws screwed guides, then between the floor and the wall secure concave plinth. Then pull the linoleum in such a way that its edge enters the groove of the profile, and then set the fixing bar. Skirting from linoleum is ready! It is quite simple to perform such a job if you follow a certain sequence and follow the advice of specialists.