The interior of small houses abroad

Little cottage: landscape design of the dacha

Megacities are full of life and movement, but therethere is absolutely no room for large houses and even more for spacious private areas. However, designers from cities such as San Francisco and New York often encounter customers who own a small property and want to turn a small space into a comfortable place to stay. Today we will analyze 16 useful design tips on how to make your small country house cozy and functional.

1. Separate the garden into different functional recreation areas.

Do not be afraid to make your dreams come true. In this backyard in Brooklyn with the help of modular furniture created a very comfortable place to relax, feast and barbecue.

2. Use the backlight

In this design, the suburban area used a multifaceted backlight, which adds warmth and comfort, as well as illuminates the summer kitchen.

3. Continue living space outside

Architect Carson Arthur finds out the hosts opinionaccording to which he is the setting of the palisade. “Perhaps you are not comfortable with a small kitchen or a compact living room?” Why not equip them with a piece on your veranda? ”- Arthur offers its customers. In this case, the designer expands the recreation area, as here, on a miniature terrace in Detroit.

4. Be inspired by your interior.

Use the same colors and shades thatpresent in your living room. This technique will help expand your living space. “Do something more than buying a pair of wooden chairs and a table. They will not be so attractive for you, you need to make every effort to feel at home on the veranda, ”advises Amber Freda, a landscape architect from New York.

5. Play with corners

Do you have a small square garden plot? Then this task is for creative landscape architect Rich Radford from San Francisco. His main idea of ​​transformation is as follows - using paving slabs to expand the area at an angle of 45 degrees relative to your home. This not only visually expands the space, but also practically wins a couple of precious meters for you.

6. Pay attention to scale

If you own a compact internalfront garden, you definitely do not want to cram into it a huge dining table for 10 people. A more advantageous solution would be built-in sliding garden furniture. Also, do not plant large trees there, which in time will simply close it with their lush crown. Rich Radford advises to limit to small shrubs or simple flower beds. With them, you save space movements and decorate your miniature land ownership.

7. Do not shun the law of unity.

If you want to divide your patio into severalzones, use the same material for the entire area. “Small gardens just need a visual connection with the rest of the exterior,” says Arthur, the author of this project. In it, he clearly demarcated the "childish" and "adult" space with the help of paving with a single paving tile. Radford goes even further. He proposes to continue the backyard area, using the same floor covering for the entrance group. A great idea that pushes the tight framework of a small closed area.

8. Avoid clutter.

The more items in your yard, the strongersense of clutter and crampedness. Look for compact, built-in or folding furniture, use clear lines, but most importantly, fight clutter. “There is another tricky circumstance that may prevent you from creating space in your front garden. And these, of course, are unkempt and overgrown plants, ”Arthur shares his experience. “Instead of clogging it with small, numerous flower pots, it is better to replace them with a few large or a couple of flower beds. Choose a couple of varieties of vegetation, this will avoid the feeling of excessive variegation and chaos, ”advises Freda. To create here, on a small plot in Toronto, more space and comfort, the architect Erik Calhoun installed the original podiums over the massive roots of ancient trees and planted the usual lawn in one single flower garden. In his opinion, this is exactly what gives freedom of movement and the calm joy of a comfortable rest to the owners.

9. Fence off

Paradoxically as it may sound, reduceyour front garden to make it more comfortable. “So your rest area will become even more intimate, which will give you the feeling of being in a secluded, quiet nest filled with peaceful tranquility,” says Arthur. Pergolas - this is what creates a unique warm and hospitable atmosphere. But since in this courtyard, designed by architect Gary Beyerl, the size of only 1 to 2 meters, it is impossible to install, he planted everything in lush flowers, creating the effect of a vine. “I have a wonderful, fragrant hedge, despite the miniature square,” Gary says, not without pleasure.

10. Expand your horizons.

If your backyard fences offheavy concrete fence, then naturally it will look gloomy and unsightly. In this case, Beyerl recommends replacing it with gratings, and of what they will be fulfilled, you decide. Whether plastic panels or elegant and unique hand-forged in their grace, in any case they will fill your courtyard with light, expanding the idea of ​​a modest courtyard.

11. Do not forget the contrast.

Brightness and polarity need not necessarilyexpressed in colors and textures, as we used to introduce them to our interior. In the kindergarten, you can give vent to fantasy, for example, as Freda advises, to place in it flower gardens with hollow ferns and a magnificently blooming primula. You can also emphasize the contrast forms, for example, in a square section to place a round table or an oval comfortable sofa.

12. Keep clean

In no way does the beauty of smallfront gardens, as in the fact that they are very easy to keep clean. But to further simplify this task, Arthur proposes the replacement of open flower beds with neat flower gardens. “Where there is a ground with land, even if it is planted with lush vegetation, the yard will always be dusty and dirty,” Arthur shares her experience. Succulents and artificial lawns are not so demanding care and watering. “They will not only refresh your yard, but also delineate the entire area into the functional zones you need,” recommends Martha Angus, a designer from San Francisco. In her project, presented in the photo, she used an artificial boxwood. This Martha maximally simplified the task of caring for a green "carpet" that does not need to be watered, weeded or cut.

13. Arrange a sloping plot in the form of a gorgeous terrace.

Angus did a great job on this site. She effectively organized the patio, which had a steep slope. With the help of a concrete podium, the back of the garden rose, increasing the entire area. However, as the designer says, such a foundation is very expensive in the device. But the result we see is worth the money and effort.

14. Emphasize individuality.

"For little front gardens is very importantuniqueness, which will eclipse its miniature size. It is not necessary to buy stylish and expensive furniture and play with flowers, just fantasize and give your patio an exquisite zest, ”Arthur shares his secrets.

15. Create focus

Like the previous tip, this little trickattract attention and visually push the boundaries of a small space. Arthur often uses such a trick in his works. In this courtyard, he broke in the center of a huge flower bed. "And this deceives us, giving a tiny home garden for something more spacious," says the designer. Fountains and sculptures are also great for this role. "A small landscape architectural form with well-organized lighting can be fundamental," Angus agrees with a colleague.

16. Ask for help to the landscape designer.

Believe the expert opinion to which converge.all creators of homeliness and comfort, that to organize a large space is much easier than a small one. The professional plans your preferences and peculiarities so that you are satisfied with any result. “Are you worried about rain, wind or excess sun in the backyard?” Invite a landscape designer, and he will do everything in the best possible way, since you could not even imagine, ”advises Calhoun. “The architect made your home unique, and we will decorate it with a frame of wonderful plants that will accentuate and refresh your nest,” says Beyerl.