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How is living in a 480-meter Moscow apartment?

How to create in a freshly renovated apartmenta feeling of being lived in? What is needed for a cozy interior "with history"? All the answers are in the setting of this spacious Moscow apartment, which can be viewed endlessly. The "sterile" setting, which was created as if for magazine covers, is not to everyone's liking. Quite often, customers ask designers to create the appearance of an inhabited or even somewhat old interior. This very request was voiced to Elena Kornilova by the owner of a spacious two-level apartment in the center of Moscow. Elena Kornilova, architect and decorator Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI). He is a full member of the Association of Interior Decorators. Head of our own design bureau Elena Kornilova Interiors. The designer was prompted to create an interior "with history" not only by the customer's wishes, but also by the location of the object. The apartment is located in a house built in 1907 in the center of Moscow. The housing area is 480 square meters, and it occupies the entire upper floor of the house with an overbuilt attic. Elena Kornilova, architect and decorator: - I'm lucky with my customers! Every time there are interesting, extraordinary people with whom you want to paint portraits, and the interior, I think, is the portrait of the customer, it should reflect the style of his life, be comfortable and individual for each person. The owner of this two-level apartment is a big lover of travel, extreme sports, music, art, cinema and, in general, a person open to new ideas. He wanted his house to give the impression that “they have been living in it for a long time”, so that everything looks natural, as if objects have lived a long life within the walls of this house. And I, being an adherent of the architecture "talking" to the interior, actively supported his wish, since the building in which the apartment is located was built in 1907.

Entrance hall

From the very threshold there is an uneasy "character"this interior. Masonry, antique parquet, light walls, against which dark furniture and dark textiles stand out most clearly - all this is accompanied by the ability to create different scenarios of lighting thanks to wall, floor and ceiling lighting fixtures.

First floor

From the hallway we find ourselves in a spacious living roomfirst floor. The dining area is also located here. Judging by the large number of chairs and an impressive table with a massive table top, the owner of the apartment is a cordial and hospitable person. Our opinion: - Pay attention to the interesting and unusual techniques that designer Elena Kornilova used in the design of this six-room apartment: 1. Despite the brick wall and dark curtains, the room does not look dark, since the interior is harmoniously complemented by light walls and light and several large windows. 2. The living room on the ground floor does not have bulky wardrobes, but there is plenty of roomy storage space: sideboard, sideboard, dressers, sideboard and coffee tables. 3. The difficult problem of zoning has been cleverly solved. In addition to the living and dining area, there are several small seating areas. 4. Lighting is multi-level and complex: ceiling and floor lamps, candles, illumination of paintings and a table lamp. All this gives a huge scope for combination. It is interesting that almost all interior itemsin this apartment deserve special attention: each table and bedside table has its own story, and they can be viewed endlessly. However, put together, they do not "argue" with each other, combining very harmoniously. Truly, combining so many characteristic elements in the setting of one apartment is a real design talent. Elena Kornilova, architect and decorator: - It was decided that interior items would be assembled in Europe and America, and not purchased in sets in Moscow stores. Therefore, almost all furnishings were brought from antique galleries and flea markets in Europe and America. Another part of the furniture was created according to my sketches in the workshops. So, for example, the capital, framing the supporting column, was made by us first from cardboard, and then, after fitting, transferred for casting from bronze to a workshop at the Stroganov Institute.


The kitchen in this apartment is quite spacious - 26square meters, but very compact and ergonomic. In the center is located, which also plays the role of a bar counter and can accommodate eight people. The work surface by the window is the dream of any housewife! - definitely makes the cooking process more enjoyable. The kitchen area is separated from the living room by curtains, if desired.

Stairs to the second floor

On the second floor of this two-level Moscowa comfortable wide staircase leads to the apartment. All the way up is well lit, which is important for safety. At the entrance to the second floor, the curtain is picked up by a "bronze hand", which was created according to the sketches of Elena Kornilova in one of the foundries in Moscow. Elena Kornilova, architect and decorator: - On certain sections of the walls, we left the original brickwork, ordered antique parquet in Italy (it is removed from old houses and villas and treated with special oils before selling), and in order to finally recreate the feeling of "habitation" of the house, we textures were created to reproduce the effect of old walls. All doors in the apartment were made according to my sketches, and the fittings for them were brought from France.

Living room on the second floor

The hall on the second floor accommodated severalfunctions. There are two seating areas, a grand piano, a fireplace, and even some sort of: a desk, a comfortable chair and several bookshelves define the workspace. Our opinion: - Again, pay attention to the zoning! Obviously, it was created by the designer taking into account the location of the windows and is supported by the placement of lamps, carpets in the recreation areas, and the arrangement of furniture.


Bedroom area - 48 square meters,a distinctive feature of the room is high ceilings (since the second floor is an attic). The client's long-standing dream is located in the room - a four-poster bed. By the way, the bedspread and bedclothes were created in a London studio based on sketches developed by the designer for this particular interior. The bedroom also has a sitting area with a couch, dressing table, armchair and a spacious chest of drawers. Elena Kornilova, architect and decorator: - The apartment does not have a single style, but at the same time all objects are linked together in a single chain, which gives the interior depth and versatility and, as it seems to me, fully reflects the character of the apartment owner.


Attention to detail in this six-room apartmenteverything is subordinate, and the interior of the bathrooms was no exception. Two of the four bathrooms are decorated in light colors, two in dark colors. Our opinion: - Interior items wonderfully coexist in the design of these bathrooms. For example, one of the bathrooms harmoniously coexists with cast-iron bathroom scales, a Victorian lion-claw bathtub, gold-framed mirrors and a postmodern companion chandelier, all set against plain white tiles.

How to create an interior with a history

  • Do not be lazy to look for the right furniture and accessories in antique shops and flea markets. Sometimes there you can stumble upon real treasures!
  • Look in search of suitable interior items in the "grandmother's trunk". You will be surprised what unusual things the old generation often keeps.
  • Do you have a habit of taking unnecessary things and furniture to the country? Do a little revision there: maybe you just did not see the potential of that old nightstand!
  • Go through family photo archives: photos of past years can be an excellent addition to the decor or set the tone for the decoration of the entire interior.
  • If you know exactly what yourinterior, but can not find it - remember that much can be made to order. In the foundry and carpentry workshops, the sketches will bring to life almost any of your fantasies.
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