Living room in Khrushchevka: design options and interior options

In any house, the living room is a room where everyonefamily members spend the most amount of time. But the living room in Khrushchev often does not leave much room for design because of its modest area, low ceilings, the presence of several doors that lead to other rooms, etc. Each owner wants comfort and comfort in his house: space for family holidays, convenience for relaxation and communication with friends. How can you make a living room in a Khrushchev face of your entire apartment, so that it produces only the best impressions on the guests? Living roomLiving rooms in the houses of the Khrushchev era are small, narrow, with low ceilings and often through, but here you can properly organize a place for rest of the whole family.

Features of the interior of the living room in Khrushchev

There are so many different ideas that will help you either come up with your own design of the room, or take over the experience of designers. Often in the Khrushchevs I enlarge the openings, demolish all or part of the partitions, uniting the hall with a corridor or kitchen.

  • When creating a comfortable one, try to maximize the space visually, while rationally using every centimeter of it.
  • One of the most common waysexpansion - this is redevelopment. You can demolish the walls completely (not bearing!) Or partially, making beautiful arches and other decorative partitions. Living room in Khrushchev is usually connected to the kitchen or hallway, less often - to the bedroom.
  • Choosing a color scheme for decoration, tryDo it so that it does not differ too much from the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Since in Khrushchev area small areas, refer to the light tones: they will help you visually increase the space.
  • The same applies to the design of ceilings. Dark ceilings will only crush and further reduce the room. It is better to choose glossy stretch ceilings. Mirror effect will be an ideal solution for a living room in a Khrushchev.
  • Do not overload the space of a small room in a Khrushchev's room with excessive or bulky furniture. Prefer comfortable and ergonomic objects of light and calm tones.
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    Features and design options for a living room in Khrushchev

    Do not overload the space with a smallliving room with large furniture, you should choose a small sofa and armchairs, a small coffee table. If you approach the issue of interior decoration very carefully and competently, planning repair, finishing, and other work, choosing the necessary furniture, accessories, thinking through everything to the smallest detail, then as a result you will get an ideal living room in Khrushchev. Often, in all small apartments, the living room is also a walk-through room. If you wish, you can get rid of this flaw or mask it. The most radical solution is the redevelopment of the living room in Khrushchev. True, it is not always and not always possible. Usually, in the course of these actions, rooms are combined, doorways are transferred, and so on. Having decided on a global redevelopment, it should be borne in mind that you need to coordinate all design ideas and projects with government agencies, from which you need to obtain permission for the appropriate actions. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. There are several options for redeveloping the living room in Khrushchev. Most often it is combined with a balcony, kitchen, hallway. Many people equip a heated balcony today as a study, giving more space for the living room. When combined with the kitchen, the space also visually increases, and additional advantages and functionality of the premises appear. Another common connection option is the bedroom. Rooms can be very profitably zoned using a wide variety of means. The bedroom can be hidden with transforming furniture, partitions, screens, curtains and other tweaks. And the opposite option would be an emphasis on a beautiful canopy bed, standing on the podium. There are also some less global tricks that can help you create a comfortable and cozy one without resorting to drastic measures. Try to install mobile partitions, screens, hang curtains or decorative curtains, with which you can, if desired and necessary, carry out the necessary manipulations. Back to the table of contents</a> Ceiling, walls and floor of living room Ceilings are better to make light, glossy, it'svisually make the room higher. All the finishing materials try to choose in light colors. For walls fit any kind of wallpaper. Just avoid too small and contrasting pictures. Combination of finishing is also an advantageous option, if you zoniruete rooms in Khrushchev. Also you can apply the finish of artificial stone, make collages and stuff. As already mentioned, the best option will be glossy ceilings. Choose white or light beige. The reflective effect is beneficial to help increase the living room in Khrushchev. Fashionable gypsum plasterboard structures for the ceiling will not play to you not by hand, because they will make the space of the small and low living room in the Khrushchev even smaller and lower. The threshold of plasterboard around the perimeter of the room is the maximum that is needed. It can be used to use the built-in lighting fixtures. For a floor it is possible to choose both a parquet board, and a laminate of light shades. Carpet or chic carpet should be consistent with the general style and design of the living room. A multi-level sex space will also help zoning. Back to contents</a> Lighting and mirrors of the room in Khrushchev Visually enlarge and make the room brightera large mirror will help. Don't just focus on the ceiling light. In addition to the usual chandelier (it should not be too large, it is better to choose a model that will be pressed against the ceiling), install small sconces on the walls, point light, which can be switched on additionally. Such lighting of the room in the Khrushchev should be warm and not irritate the eyes. Feel free to use floor lamps as well. LEDs on the ceiling are also very advantageous in Khrushchev. Mirrors will also help a lot. Use any mirrored surfaces, mirrored facades, many ordinary mirrors of a wide variety to visually expand the space and bring original style and beauty to your room. Back to the table of contents</a> Furniture for living room in Khrushchev furnitureis very important, because you really need to maximally save the living room space in the Khrushchev and use it functionally. Pay attention to the modular walls, any variations of the transforming furniture. It should be both elegant and multifunctional. Folding coffee table, if necessary, will become a full table, and a small sofa can be laid out in a double bed or even in a bunk bed. A couple of armchairs for a living room in a Khrushchevka will also not be superfluous, since the room should be comfortable for rest. Built-in cabinets, walls or wardrobes help to make the most efficient use of the space and store a lot of necessary things. Choose for the room in Khrushchev shiny, smoky or reflective materials with the presence of mirrors, frosted glass. On a variety of shelves and shelves you can place interesting accessories, photographs, decor items.