Location of spotlights on the ceiling: features


Spotlights in the interior are usedoften enough. And it is with their help that you can create a unique design. You just need to know how to properly install them. There are a lot of options for the location of the spotlights on the ceiling, but there are some common points that should be considered when considering the design of the room. The pattern on the ceiling of the spotlightsSpot lights can be placed on the ceilingin the form of any pattern or shape. First of all, it is necessary to know the technical characteristics of the luminaires to be installed. Manufacturers put on the products marking, which consists of the letters IP and two digits from 0 to 10. The first figure shows how the lamp is protected from dust, and the second - from moisture. The higher the number, the greater the security. Thus, luminaires with IP 0 and 1 are completely unprotected, and with marks 9 and 10 can be installed in dusty and humid rooms. In an apartment, this should be taken into account when the spotlights are mounted during the repair of the bathroom, because in this room the humidity of the air is increased. According to the marking, devices with IP 10 can work when immersed in water. Combined lighting in the living roomPicture 1. In the living room it is convenient to use combined lighting. Another thing to consider when installing spotlights is the degree of light scattering. Some scatter light throughout the room, while others radiate a directed beam. Choosing suitable devices, you can significantly decorate the interior, highlighting and highlighting with the help of directional light beams various decorative elements, for example, figurines or paintings. And the last thing you should pay attention to when choosing spot lights is what kind of lamps are installed in them. There may be ordinary incandescent lamps or halogen lamps. Halogen lamps give more light, so they can be bought in smaller quantities. Devices with incandescent lamps of low power can be installed, for example, in the bedroom as additional nightlights.

Luminaire location on the ceiling

Usually such devices are mounted in the roof ceilings,ceilings from plasterboard and tension. If the ceilings are multi-level, the lamps can be mounted in different planes. It all depends on the chosen design. If we take a simple arrangement of spotlights, we can distinguish the following ways of installation: Variant of the arrangement of spotlights in a circlePhoto 2. Spot lights can be placed not only around the perimeter of the room, but also in a circle closer to the center of the ceiling.

  • on the perimeter of the room;
  • on the perimeter with a chandelier in the center;
  • at the corners of the room with a chandelier in the center;
  • on a circle or an oval;
  • crosswise;
  • zigzagging.

Which option to choose depends on the purposepremises and its area. For example, in the living room it would be nice to make a combined lighting. As a rule, these rooms are large and sometimes they need to be lighted completely, and sometimes - to dim the lighting. Therefore, a chandelier is mounted in the center of the hall, and spotlights are installed at the corners. Naturally, the inclusion of all these elements must occur separately from each other. Also in the hall you can distinguish separate important details of the interior with lamps with a directional light flux (photo 1). If the lighting is mounted in the bedroom, you can arrange the lamps in the form of a circle or an oval on the ceiling. This arrangement adds comfort to the room. You can install an additional light source to highlight the mirror area, or small low-power lamps at the head of the bed (photo 2). Variant of location of spotlights in the bathroomIn the bathroom it is recommended to combine a pointlighting on the ceiling and floor. As for the hallway, these rooms usually have a rectangular shape and should be well lit. Sources of light can be placed crosswise, along the diagonal of the ceiling. Lighting the kitchen, you can consider the option with zigzag lights located or arranged in a circle, and in the center hang a small chandelier, if the kitchen is large enough and it requires more light. Separately located devices can further illuminate the area of ​​the plate and the desktop. Back to contents</a> Features of bathroom lighting For installationluminaires in the bathroom should only choose those devices that are reliably protected from moisture. You can find out about this by looking at the markings on the fixtures. This marking was mentioned above. Choosing quality and protected luminaires will avoid short circuits. In the bathroom, point light sources are mounted not only in a false ceiling. Some design projects suggest the installation of lamps in the floor, if the bath is installed on the podium and there are steps. This option allows you to create in the bathroom muffled lighting and at the same time avoid possible inconveniences by highlighting the steps. Only the most common variants for placing spotlights for lighting a room in the house were given. In fact, there are many more options. And in many ways they depend on the imagination of the designer and the preferences of the owners of the house. Light in the house is an important thing, and, considering the nuances of the location of light sources, it is always necessary to base oneself on one's own taste. </ ul>