Ideas for small interiors

Luxury apartments in a small apartment - photo and description


Transform ordinary small-sizedA flat in an incomparable beauty of a hospitable salon is not very difficult, it will also require some minor finances. Using the example of living space (30 sq. M.) In the center of Paris, we will show you a few decorating solutions that can be easily realized even in Russian realities.

1. Shade range

In modest dwellings rationally applycalm and dim gamut of colors. But sometimes we want to use a rich and colorful interior - in this case, you can choose eye-catching colors for only one wall. This is also a great reception for zoning rooms.

2. Furnishing

Soft furnishings, so as not to burden the decoration,better to buy pastel colors. And chairs, stools, tables and decorative elements should be in harmony with the walls and unite the whole interior together. The very same furniture set does not necessarily choose a stylish and expensive, you can purchase more democratic counterparts. Look at the painted coffee table, the TV display stand, IKEA book shelves, inexpensive headsets and an ordinary dresser for the bedroom.

3. Lamps

Similarly, you should not choose only fine andexpensive models, in modest conditions apply democratic models in industrial stylistics, and a multi-level illumination system can give them charm.

4. Window units

The owner of the apartment was lucky - they are from the floor. In our conditions, this is unrealistic, so we will focus on the selection of curtains. They should have a good length, ideally - if to the very floor. In addition, it is important that they are in harmony with the decor of the wallpaper, and their matter has a high quality of cut.

5. Accessories

Accessories are the most important element in design.the premises. It is necessary to approach the problems of their selection with special care, but only the owner can make the most correct decision. The apartment is the epicenter of his life, it reflects his mood and character. And his personality is expressed through the decor - paintings, images, books, antiques, mirrored surfaces and figurines. In them, the homeowner must see his nature, then the decoration will have perfection and charm. Photo material provided by the resource These apartments in Paris, you can rent and see live all the tricks and secrets of the amazing decor.