Ways to fasten curtains: common options

When the installation of the cornice is completed, you need to determine the type of fastening of curtains. Usually in everyday life, many people use the following common methods of attaching curtains to the cornice:

  • rings;
  • ties;
  • eyelets;
  • loops;
  • kulisks;
  • hooks and crocodiles;
  • magnet.

Blind in the living roomRings - the most common type of fastenings of curtains on the cornice. Consider all types of anchorages alternately

Conventional fastening on rings and original textile ties

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine a house or apartment in which a variety of curtains, curtains and curtains would not be used. Variety of fastenings for curtains. Depending on their density, and accordingly their weight, use a variety of types and options for attaching curtains. From what type you choose, it depends on how your window will look and whether your curtains are sliding or not. The most common form of attachment is the rings. They are very easy to use, as they usually already come complete with a cornice and all the necessary fixing parts. To this type of fastening the blind is "plucked" behind the edge by a latch on the ring. If the lock on the ring of the eaves is not a "clothespin", but a hook, then it is necessary to make unobtrusive loops at equal distances from each other. Textile ties are more often used for very light, air curtains or thin textile blinds. Such straps-fixators are made of a variety of materials: from satin ribbons, to cords, ropes and various fabrics. They can be any width, shape and color and fastened to the cornices by usual tying on various bows and decorative nodules. The most common style in the interior, where this option is used, is country. Back to contents</a>

Modern fastening fixtures and convenient fasteners on hinges

Sizes of eyelets. Curtains with latch mounting on the cornice are usually sewn to order. This type of attachment is a specially sewn metal or plastic ring in the upper edge of the curtain. These fasteners wear very slowly and almost never break, and also withstand the weight of the dense fabric well. In the design of the window, these rings are almost invisible, but it also happens that the design solution requires large or even huge eyelets of different colors. In the decoration of windows in almost any type of room (kitchen, bedroom, hall), it is perfectly possible to use a loop attachment to the cornice. It can be of two types: when the loop is detachable and when the loop is one-piece. The detachable loop consists of two pieces of decorative fabric, which are sewn to the top of the curtain from below, and are fixed to the top with velcro, buttons or buttons, forming a loop. This type does not require the removal of the crossbar (rod) cornice to remove or put on the curtains. Whole, as you already understood, do not unbutton and are stitched with their two edges to the blind. Both unbroken and unfastened hinges can have different width and color even on one curtain, but their number should be calculated for the weight of the curtain fabric and is symmetrically fixed to evenly distribute the folds. Back to contents</a>

Silent beauty of the linkage, hooks and crocodiles for ceiling cornices and a magnet

The magnetic fastening of curtains looks stylish andmodern. The rocket mount is, perhaps, the most comfortable type of fasteners. Such a pleasant perception is achieved thanks to a fabric sleeve (or tunnel, pipe). This soft fasteners do not ring at all and do not scratched the cornice, but pleasantly rustles the fabric when sliding and sliding. The soft tunnel itself forms in the upper part of the curtains, bending the canvas back and simply spreading it, while not forgetting the required diameter. A variant of a separate manufacture of such a "mink" is also used. In this case, you can sew the linkage from another material, another color and design. These curtains are usually decorated with attics and various niches. If you have ceiling cornices, and in their grooves there are roller mounts, the best option for window decoration will be hooks and clothespins "crocodiles". To fix the hooks in the curtain, small holes must be pre-sewn or sewn on the loops from the thin cord for which it will be hung. Clothes clips "crocodiles" do not require holes, they are used for more gentle fixation without holes and sewing, and also allow you to freely adjust the width of the fold. On these clothespins can not use heavy curtains, hooks in this case, perhaps, more suitable. A very unusual and at the same time the simplest way of fixing all kinds of curtains is a magnet. These are two decorative magnetic plates facing different poles towards each other (attracting), fixed by a metallic soft cord through the hole in them. In this way, you can hang curtains with different drapery and weight. The magnetic fastening is selected according to your requirements and preferences (weight, color, size). In the end, what options of fastening you would not choose, the decor of the windows should bring pleasure and coziness to your homes.