House and Cottage

Minimalism, light interior and natural materials in a country house in Agalarov Estate


Do not you admire cozy houses in the style of Provence or classical interiors? Do you want your eyes to relax on something fresh and simple? We have something to impress the sophisticated reader

26 kilometers from Moscow, in an elite villageAgalarov Estate, the house is located in a minimalist style - this applies both to the facade of the building and to its interior. The architectural studio SL Project worked on the project, the head of which is the architect Alexei Nikolashin. The authors of the project are Alexey Nikolashin and Ekaterina Emelyanova. Alexey Nikolashin, architect Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked at Mosproekt. In 2004 he created his own workshop - SL project. “The result of our work, regardless of whether it is a cottage village or the interior of a private apartment, is a thoughtful, modern, functional product. The principle of our work is an architectural approach to the formation of space. This is what distinguishes our work from the work of most design studios. " At the first glance at the house, the original roof structure catches the eye, "smoothing" the sharp corners of the building. Visually, this creates a feeling of weightlessness.

Together with large panoramic windows through which most of the ground floor can be viewed, the house really becomes airy.

The customer applied to the agency at the stagedesigning, therefore it was possible to make some changes in the layout, changing it so that in the future it was possible to avoid difficulties. The building itself turned out to be rather elongated, but competent logistics of all premises brought to naught this feature. Entering the house, we will see a large hall - this is the main zone.

Feeling of lightness does not leave inside. In the interior, the authors tried to maximally relieve the living space, making it as spacious as possible. This desire can be traced in everything: a light sofa zone, glass tables, panoramic windows, practically replacing one of the walls. In addition, the hall can be seen from the second floor through the holes between the long bars, which also serve as a wall, but already on the side of the stairs. Non-functional zones, for example under the stairs, were covered with large pebbles, and the floor itself was laid with Italian sandstone.

A luxurious chandelier made of Murano glass from Vistosi distinguishes the area next to the fireplace portal, which, by the way, is two-sided. The other part is turned towards the dining room.

The dining area is surrounded on all sides by glass. It seems that you are in a transparent cube.

The furniture itself is the standard of simplicity and practicality, and futuristic plant pots and paintings in the spirit of Suprematism complete the design of this zone.

Opposite the dining room is a kitchen, the highlight of which is a small green corner with a coffee table for two people.

The next area is an indoor swimming pool. White still remains the primary color, while the ceiling and a small area at the bottom are made in a dark wenge. The bending wall "opens" the entrance to the spa zone.

Below, on the ground floor, there is a bar, a billiard room and a home theater. This zone is executed in the sustained dark tones, which have a rest.

The illuminated bar stand stands out against the general background. And since the recreation area is located directly under the pool, the portholes became an interesting solution.

On the second floor there are master bedrooms,separated by a shared bathroom - an original and practical solution. Partitions made of glass, give space easy, and lined along transparent walls bamboo is perfectly combined with natural pebbles. Night illumination turns the bathroom into a fabulous oasis.