House and Cottage

Minimalism and functionality in a wooden house? No problem!

Wood is a capricious and obliging material.When building a wooden house, it is very important not only to plan it correctly, but also to furnish it correctly so that everything looks harmonious. And today we will look at one very successful project, from which it is worth taking an example. Wood is a very rich and visually generous material. Even a small section of the house, decorated with wood, gives the impression of comfort, status and good welfare of the owners. But sometimes you want something more mundane, simple. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the experience of our Finnish colleagues, who know how to use wood like no other, building and decorating houses in a bright, but incredibly attractive, minimalist style. Finns are excellent specialists in the field of urban style, impeccable shapes and lines. So, before us is a house built according to a Finnish project. Let's consider in detail why he is so good.

Living room, sundeck

Pay attention to the general interior. He is very restrained, but furniture, and especially lighting (built-in sofa lamps), says that the owners of the house are creative people, and against the backdrop of urbanism they tend to gravitate towards visual comfort. Finnish designers and architects pay much attentiongive not so much to the appearance of buildings, as to the interior, which in each project is carefully worked out. In our case, the whole house looks like a heap of cubes, but this does not detract from the internal comfort of the premises. Pay attention to the lamps, lamps and decor. The tree is well adjacent to glass and vintage ceramics. Style is felt even in the most simple vase.

Dining room / kitchen

The kitchen of the house is combined with the dining room. This is due to the fact that most often in Finnish houses, built in a modern style, zoning is completely summed up under the studio. So it is more convenient and practical in terms of maintaining order. The combination of wood-trimmed walls and appliances in stylehi-tech in the kitchen made the interior look like traditional Scandinavian art-manors in the mountains. Typically, these houses are designed for recreation, and they are difficult to adapt to the urban lifestyle. But in this project both architects and designers managed to achieve the goal of combining urbanism and modernity.


The bedroom is combined with a bathroom.The tree plays, if not the first violin, then the main role. A large window-door to the terrace with a beautiful view opens up wide possibilities for decorating rooms. If you remember, we already wrote about the option bedroom + bathroom in Sofia. It turns out a very, very convenient option.


This is how the house looks from the outside. Wood and glass, a lot of light and Scandinavian laconicism, coupled with modern classics.

Interior accents

The main accents, except the cubic form andwood, are windows in the floor, lamps and furniture. We picked up some interesting ideas from similar projects. Pay attention to the laconicism and cleanliness of the interior lines. Windows in the floor solve the zoning problemspace and visual room expansion. It seems that the living room with large windows is simply huge. The bedroom also benefits from having windows in the floor. The tree gives the interior an atmosphere of nobility and a high level of comfort. Luminaires and lamps often add eventhe most minimalistic interior of beauty and some kind of romance (dim light and fireplace fire). Well-lit rooms are visually larger and more comfortable. Special attention should be paid to extraordinary, out of the ordinary models of lamps. They add character and completeness to the interior. Even if it seems to you that a chandelier in the shape of branches with light bulbs is a terrible bad manners, try to follow the designer's advice and still add it to your interior. In the case of wooden wall cladding or even wooden walls, lighting plays the role of a constant, that is, that interior element that balances styles and hides possible inaccuracies in the decor.