Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Miracles of planning and organization of space: a compact, which looks spacious


It seems that this apartment is huge. That there is a lot of free space in it and there are the most necessary things. This, of course, is so. But in fact, the area of ​​the apartment is just as small as that of the Russian mini-car What comes to your mind when you dream of a spacious and beautiful home? A large mansion, an estate of at least 200 square meters? Maybe. But if you think that a small apartment can not be arranged beautifully and comfortably, then you have not thoroughly studied its possibilities. The area of ​​this apartment from the studio Curly is only 32 square meters. Approximately like the Russian malometrazhek. However, it looks very spacious and cozy. Let's understand why ... Many try to squeeze into a small apartmentbulky structures - wardrobes, huge beds, sofas, tables. Instead, you just need to use simple and often deliberately elementary designs. There is a little secret in the shelves dividing the zones of this apartment: their horizontal beams can be raised and lowered to the desired level. The color of such furniture should be neutral or light. The beautiful bed is placed on a wooden platform with storage space for bedding. All furniture is made to order. As you can see, in the kitchen there is also no cumbersomefurniture. It is decorated with an open rack, on which only those utensils are stored, which the owners use every day. The remaining items are hidden in the lower boxes. The dining table is folded if necessary.

Our opinion:

— Обустраивая свои малогабаритные квартиры, the hosts often make a number of mistakes. They clog them with unnecessary and very massive furniture, fearing that otherwise there will be nowhere to store things. As a result, the apartment turns into a warehouse. And sometimes it is simply impossible to find a place for the necessary. If you're looking to avoid this, follow these simple guidelines:

  • before buying furniture, carefully study the possibilities of your apartment - you will definitely find the best place for a bedroom, for storing things, decide what to do with the kitchen;
  • furniture for small-sized is better to make to order - only this option allows you to use small square meters as comfortable as possible, without cluttering everything around;
  • Do not be afraid of light colors in the interior - forlight furniture and walls to look after is not more difficult than for dark ones, but it is visually dark objects that clutter your apartment, while light ones unload.