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How mirrors change the interior: 17 examples

Do we often think about what magicalCan you do things with the interior using mirrors? In our selection - a huge number of ideas, you will surely find those that you will like and decorate your interior. Mirror is an amazing thing with a centuries-old history. They have long and firmly occupied their own - without them there is not a single apartment, fitting rooms in shops, hotels and airports. In addition to their basic reflective qualities, mirrors can visually increase space, add light to the room and create various optical illusions. They really can magically transform the interior (without requiring a lot of money). Here are just a few ways.

1. The illusion of space

Even a small and dark room can look likeMore and lighter in the presence of mirrors. It's important to remember the basic rule: vertical mirrors are stretched out, and horizontal ones are expanded. It is best to hang a mirror on a wall perpendicular to the window, having first studied how the rays of the sun will reflect from it and whether the mirror will create unnecessary glare. This arrangement will give the room more light and air. If the mirrors are hanging at an angle, an unpleasant feeling of space distortion can occur. Therefore, before you hang a mirror, check what will be reflected in it and whether you like it. Also experts do not recommend to hang mirrors in front of doors.

2. Furniture with mirror coating

This can be any furniture, for example, a magazineTable or chest of drawers. Even an old mug of coffee will sparkle if it stands on a smooth mirror surface. It is not necessary to cover the whole surface of the furniture with mirrors, simply make a mirror top or legs.

3. Table decoration

For particularly important events,Mirrors as a decoration of the countertop and giving it a solemn appearance. Flowers look fresh, and candles add brilliance and create a romantic mood.

4. We decorate the doors of the cabinet

In this bedroom, behind the mirror lies a roomy pharmacy cupboard. Such a large mirror adds space to the room, and the closet itself now looks like a work of modern art.

5. An artificial pond

What to do if you really want to create a gardenA small lake? The change in the ecosystem is not the best option. But we can create a pond with a mirror, without breaking anything and not spoiling it. A small water pool will reflect the sky, plants and tree branches. Just like the real one, only you can not swim in it. In order not to damage the edges of the mirror, disguise them with an even layer of river rocks of various sizes and colors to simulate a rocky beach. Such a "pond" can be in the house.

6. Mirror window

There are no windows at all, they are small, orYou are not enough? No problems. It is not difficult to create a new window. You just need to decide on the size, shape and color of the frame. Such windows can be decorated as you like: hang curtains, make window sills and even put on them pots of flowers. Our opinion: - Mirror imitation of the window in the interior - an interesting design solution. It looks fresh and unusual, it can vary depending on the season. In summer, add to the interior light and a sense of ease, and in winter, during New Year's holidays, perform a decorative function.

7. Cheating

Stylist-self-taught Sasha Antic (Sasha Antic) deftlyHe added a strip of mirror to the section of the wall in his small kitchen, and the space instantly became almost twice as large. Such things can easily be done by one's own hands. The mirror, cut to the right size, is glued to the wall with a special glue using a construction pistol. Glue can be purchased at the building materials store.

8. Mirror kitchen

This idea can be implemented in smallHouses. We need an ordinary kitchen island, the base of which is covered with mirrors. If you do not have an island, you can add mirrors to the facades of the cabinets or to the plinth. Our opinion: - When you look at the implementation of this idea, there are really unusual feelings. Massive furniture seems to float in the air. It looks like the tricks of a magician.

9. Mirror apron for the kitchen

A practical, convenient and very beautiful solution. Easily laundered and beautifully shiny. And also gives a feeling of a festive atmosphere.

10. Stairs

The architects proposed an interesting solution: Added mirrors under the stairs. The place that looked like a dark room is now light and spacious (not to mention the fact that inside there is a functional storage space).

11. The mirror wall

It is, and at the same time creates a sense of its absence. Plus, the mirror wall hides the working area of ​​the kitchen behind it and gives the room a lot of light.

12. Mirrors in the bedroom

The huge plus of mirrors in the bedrooms is that theyYours and only yours. Nobody will ask to look in the mirror, if you sleep for a long time, and then decided not to hurry dress and put yourself in order after a dream.

13. Mirror-wardrobe

Mirror in full growth is simply necessary in the bedroom to compose a daily wardrobe, as well as the selection of dresses for a party or a proper tie to the shirt.

14. Mirrors in the dining room

A large mirror fits perfectly into the dining room in a classic and modern style and gives solemnity to the dinners that take place here. Our opinion: - Pay attention to the lamps. They are chosen to match the solid mirrors - crystal, massive, heavy. And all are fixed low, so that their light is reflected in the mirrors and throwing glare.

15. Mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors in the bathroom clearly serveA certain goal, when you brush your teeth, brush your hair, shave, apply makeup. But this does not mean that they can not be luxury goods. If you mount two inexpensive mirror cupboards next to each other, they will create one continuous seamless surface, and you will get a beautiful view without much money.

16. Corner for breakfast

Mirrors act as a means to fence off a cozy corner for breakfast, reflection or conversation in a large and open space.

17. Corner mirrors

Separately, I want to draw attention to them. In small, cramped and dark rooms, corner mirrors are almost the only possible option to increase the area, at least visually.

On a note!

  • Use when working with glass thick leather gloves and goggles, so as not to damage your hands and do not damage your eyesight.
  • If you place the mirror where children play, use a safety glass.
  • To prevent damage to the mirror from moisture and to seal the edges, cover it from all sides with a special compound that is sold in any glass store.
  • If the mirror is vertical, add itSupport, for example, two-centimeter plywood from the back side. To glue the plywood to the mirror, use a mirror mastic, waterproof glue. He is in the economic and specializing in glass stores.
  • Give the mirror a decent support. Insert it into the frame - wooden, metal or plastic.
  • If you want to install a mirror on the ground, choose an even place among the plants. Remove the layer of soil in 5 cm and replace building sand. He will keep the mirror more reliable.
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