The combination of wallpaper in the interior: original and interesting ideas


Each owner wants to make his home cozy andhospitable. But not everyone succeeds. After all, even such an uncomplicated process as wallpapering requires a special approach. And the difficulties can even be caused not so much by self-gluing as by the combination of wallpaper in the interior. This applies not only to different colors, but also patterns, drawings, textures. Of course, combinations are not necessary, but when you can choose between boring monotony and the interior with original and bright solutions, then the preference is better given to the second option. Moreover, he has a lot of advantages. Allocation of a niche with other wallpaperThe combination of wallpaper in the interior can not only profitable show the room, but also hide the flaws in the rough finish of the walls.

Advantages of combinations

So, what is the beauty of combining materials? It would seem, to paste several identical strips of paper on the walls - the simplest thing that can be done. Therefore, to bother and pick something else is unlikely to anyone want. But this is a great way to enrich the interior. If you find out about the opportunities that it gives, it is quite realistic to change your opinion about it. Here are just a few reasons why you should combine several wallpapers in the interior: "Wheel of color" will help you to choose the right color combinations.

  • arrangement of accents;
  • visual effects;
  • functional zoning of premises;
  • disguise of shortcomings;
  • decoration.

Spot accents in the room, pasting itcontrast wallpaper, very simple. For this you need only choose a beautiful combination of shades. As a rule, the whole room is kept in gentle colors, and one wall is bright and full of color. For example, pale yellow and juicy carrot, blue and blue, turquoise and emerald, tender-lilac and eggplant. You can use completely different colors instead of the shades of one. The main thing is that the accent wall should be conspicuous, but not discordant with the whole interior. Also there is such a thing as the point of focus. With its help you can not only allocate any part of the apartment, but also hide flaws. In this case, all the walls are pasted with wallpaper (usually monotone), and in the right place, attention is focused with the help of completely different (patterned or just deep bright tones). A variety of types of wallpaper. Not only women can visually change for the better their figure with the help of clothes. Wallpaper can also "slim" the house. For example, light colors visually increase space. And if you add to this juicy inserts on short walls (in rectangular spaces), you will get a little longer. The combination of light with one accent dark wall, on the contrary, will "stretch out" space, make the room longer. In one-room apartments and studios, there are often problems with division into functional areas. I want everything to look beautiful and not jagged, so that there is a lot of free space left. But the area is small, and there is almost nowhere to turn around the designer. Then a combination of wallpapers comes to the rescue. The area of ​​the kitchen or dining room is separated from the recreation area, living room. It is also very convenient to separate the working area, if there is no separate study. In addition, some wallpapers are so beautiful that they can be inserted into the frame as a picture. Thus, very elegant and original details appear in the interior. As a frame, you can use a baguette or molding. Back to contents</a>

Several ways to combine different wallpapers in the interior

Single-color wallpaper in different shades can be combinedas with each other, and with the patterned wallpaper. A good option for those who want to fill the apartment with light and visually expand it, pick up light pastel colors. But such a decision can be too boring, and many in pursuit of brightness darken their living space. So you can just add saturated accents. It can be any of the options described above: the whole wall, individual pieces in the frames or the allocation of a section (fireplace, table, etc.). A combination of several shades of the same color is also popular. Here you can choose what your heart desires. For example, to make vertical stripes that add height, or to make different opposite walls. The next decision is a monochrome wallpaper plus a patterned wallpaper. This is almost a win-win combination, because you can place accents and add some extravagance to the interior, or, conversely, elegant notes - to anyone that you want. Functional zones are well distinguished, attention is focused on important things. Just remember that not all the tones can be combined with each other so that it looks really nice and interesting. Patterns should be on a color scale to intersect with the basic, monophonic wallpaper. Then everything will turn out. In this case, you still need to withstand the balance of light and dark. If the monotone part is darker, let it be better to have more light patterns, and vice versa. By combining wallpapers of different colors orYou can visually zonate the room. One of the most unpredictable and at the same time unusual, original ways - a combination of different patterns and drawings. Standard reception - flowers and stripes. They can be of different sizes, colors, textures. The main rule is not to interfere with too many different shades. There are other combinations that perfectly fit into the space next to each other: abstract patterns, geometric shapes, texture of wood and stone. You can not get too involved, because the apartment will turn into surreal housing, where it will be difficult to stay. It is very undesirable that everything be the same color and too dark. Back to contents</a>

Useful recommendations

It is worth mentioning that there is a separatea kind of wallpaper is a wallpaper. They also perfectly fit into many interiors and are often used by designers as accents. However, here you should take care. After all, you need to pick not only the right size and location, where the photo would not cover the furniture, but also take care to ensure that the shades in the photo and the main wallpaper match. Otherwise, the inconsistency of the combination will cut the eye and interfere with a quiet rest in this place. It is necessary to remember not only the correct combinations, but also the color in general. For a bedroom it is undesirable to choose red and other aggressive or dark colors - this is a room for sleep and relaxation. While the juiciness and brightness in the kitchen and dining area are more than appropriate, as they arouse the appetite. So, a combination of wallpaper will bring freshness and novelty to the interior of any home. Nobody can say that the room is boring and gray, if you take advice on combining different materials and come up with interesting ideas. And if you add a few details (pillows, curtains), which will be combined with the walls, it is possible to create an ideal place for relaxation and relaxation.