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Modern bedroom: 30 ideas for creating a romantic mood


How to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom? With the approach of Valentine's Day, many people ask this question. We picked up for you 30 bright and interesting ideas for the design of a bedroom for Valentine's Day. If you do not know what to give to your loved one on Valentine's Day, then share with him a good mood! This is easy to do with such simple decorative objects as candles, homemade hearts made of paper, balloons.

Pleasant trifles

The easiest way to make a bedroom interiorfestive - choose beautiful bedding. It should be pleasant to the touch, so choose products made from natural fabrics - silk or cotton. Traditionally, the color of love is considered red, it is good if it is present on pillows or a duvet cover. Decorate your bed with a few decorative pillows - and a spectacular composition is ready! Even rose petals laid out in the shape of a heart on the bed will help create a romantic atmosphere, and to enhance the effect, you can make a path of petals to it. A trifle, but nice!

Romantic lighting

One of the powerful techniques for creating a romanticthe furnishings in the bedroom are lighting. To make it intimate, you will need one or more garlands. Place them on the headboard or on the canopy. By the way, the canopy is also able to make the interior of the bedroom airy and light. Don't forget about fresh flowers, fruit compositions, paper garlands with cute inscriptions and, of course, champagne. Have a romantic holiday!,,,,