House and Cottage

A modern house standing right in the middle of the forest -

What can be seen in the window, upholstered in the middle of a Canadian forest near the intersection of two waterfalls - you will learn in detail, having seen this house. He's great!

This fantastic house is located almost inthe point of intersection of two Canadian waterfalls, is surrounded by forest and represents one of the reference examples of the ideal penetration of the surrounding landscape into the interior.

Dark brick and wood on the facade receivecontinuation in interior decoration. The modern minimalist interior looks surprisingly organic against the backdrop of the forest behind the solid glazing of the living area.

On one side there is an open patio, withanother topic is the loggia, which is covered with dark wooden panels. To prevent any doubts that this is a completely separate from the living area, the authors used outdoor furniture.

And here is the analogy with the facade of the house - a fireplace withfinishing with a black stone. Pay attention to the cultural heritage of some exotic country - they are decorated with walls, the theme of travel is seen in the decor of almost every room. In the kitchen, under the clay figurines, a niche is highlighted.

The kitchen itself is a sample of the modern minimalistapproach to the design of this space. Solid cabinets with wooden facades, on the plane of which only the oven panel and the already mentioned niche are allocated. The bedroom is a vivid example of eco-minimalism, the wooden decoration of the walls is inspired by the view from the huge windows, and besides the bed and a couple of pendant lamps there is nothing else.