The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Modern classics in the interior of a one-room apartment

It is difficult to make a choice between classics andmodern styles? Then why not combine them so that the result is a stylish, original interior. How to do this in a small area, we show on a real example from the suburbs. The interior of this apartment was designed for a young girl-lawyer, who in her 29 years leads a healthy, active lifestyle. Dreaming on weekends to relax from the city's bustle and working frames, she wanted these apartments, located in an elite village in a picturesque forest area, to allow her to relax among a measured country life and wonderful nature. Therefore, designers have taken care that the interior space of the apartment fully meet these requirements, as well as reflect the nature of the customer. Design Bureau "Dom-A" "Dom-A" is a creative and production association that has been engaged in construction, architectural design, reconstruction of buildings and premises, design of interiors, and also their decoration for more than 20 years. In their own shops, the necessary details of the interior are made, for example, products made of natural stone, furniture, stained glass, and much more.

Modern classics in a boring gray color

The main task assigned to the architect anddecorator - to do simply, elegantly and comfortably. Oleg Moskvin and Marina Soshina, focusing on the profession of the customer and her youth, decided that a harmonious combination of classics and modernity in this interior will be the most correct option for registration. They wanted, that on closer examination, even the classic details of the decor contained modern notes. For the apartment was chosen monochrome colordecision. Restrained gray shades, distinguished by their versatility, seem to reflect the nature of the owner of these apartments. On the one hand, they correspond to the serious classical profession of a lawyer, but on the other hand do not prevent to remain stylish and modern. The ceilings and walls are painted in gray with different tonality. And depending on the lighting, it takes on different shades due to the reflection of other objects. The furniture was clogged with gray fabrics, the curtains were also chosen in the same color scheme, but more warm. At the same time, the interior was supplemented with Kurdish carpets, which gave it freshness and energy. Marina Soshina, art director, decorator: - Gray was not chosen by chance - it can be very difficult. It seems to us that this universal color will help to ennoble, calm and visually unite any interior.

Features of redevelopment

Initially, the apartment was not even internalwalls, so I had to build partitions for the bathroom and the hallway. In the latter, incidentally, very well placed a roomy storage cupboard. The rest of the layout remained open and only visually zoned into the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. It is also noteworthy that the house has a balcony, where you can go out to get some fresh air and enjoy the charming scenery.

Materials and finishing

In the decoration of the apartment you can notice a lotinteresting materials and non-trivial details. A picturesque frieze in the hallway, travertine floors, wooden cornices, handmade tiles and stucco moldings in the bathroom - all this became possible thanks to the carte blanche issued by the customer. Excellent addition to the extraordinary finish of steel doors made to order, portals, skirting boards, cornices, shutters on the balcony. Particular attention is drawn to the stained glass windows on the windows in the tiffany technique, which were carried out in their own studios of the design bureau "Dom-A". Furniture from Barbarra Berry and German company Core, as well as lighting from Manufactur Wurzen, perfectly completed this composition. Marina Soshina, art director, decorator: - In the process of working on this project, there were no difficulties, we managed to translate all the ideas into reality, and as a result, the customer was satisfied with the result.