Design and Decor

The mood of the color of vanilla

How many people, so many opinions. Some like quiet colors in the interior design, others prefer bright colors. Designers say that a beautiful environment is possible in any color. Tastes of all people are different, no doubt. Someone likes a quiet color scheme in the interior, someone prefers brighter, popier. But any situation can be beautiful, if it is well thought out and correctly embodied.

Orange will warm, white cool

If you like gay interiors, you betterChoose a contrast finish - in colors that are at diametrically opposite ends of the color spectrum. For example, yellow and purple, red and blue. Warm colors are often chosen by optimists and choleric people. The warmest of all is orange. It is never cold (this applies to all its shades) and is perfectly combined with a warm shade of blue, and also with white, which even makes it even more succulent and saturated. Meeting with terracotta, brown and burgundy, orange becomes a little muffled, calm, pastel, giving birth to a composition in the style of Italian interiors. Black can be combined with it only in "small doses" - to give the interior graphics. The orange color is good for the kitchen, as well as for the nursery and dining room.

How the background and furniture interact

The choice of furniture should be treated veryattentively. The walls can be repainted, but it's much harder to change the furniture that is unfortunate from the point of view of the designer or the owners, especially if an expensive set is chosen. First of all, decide what will be brighter in tone - background or furniture. Designers give advice that practical walls and bright furniture are more practical. But keep in mind: light furniture has a habit of acquiring a background shade. For example, if the room is decorated in yellow or red tones, the furniture will acquire a warm tint. And the interior items, located in the background of cold tones, visually become colder. Very good in the interior is green,It resembles vegetation and succulent grass: it soothes, relaxes, and at the same time is perfectly combined with many shades of yellow, white, gray, blue, purple and brown. But do not overdo it with intensity shades! Know: the darker the green, the lighter and more contrast the object with it should be. And white plus green is a classic of the genre. Dark green and marsh are suitable for the cabinet,Hallway and dressing room. Bright shades of green are good in finishing the kitchen or the nursery. For a bedroom it is preferable to light-green, pistachio shades or the color of green tea, and for the living room - muted shades of green. Depending on what color pair you choose, the atmosphere can be very different - from the hot tropics (in combination with terracotta, sand and orange) and ending with a classic interior. White-and-blue interiors conjure up thoughts about summer, holidays on the sea and on quiet rest. Purple, close in color to blue, like romantics and philosophers.