The most fashionable trend: bulbs that do not need plafonds -


The old, as it turned out, is not forgotten, but simplyGets a new name and again becomes fashionable. A lamp without a lamp shade has now become popular under the name of a "stylish loft lamp". Our selection will inspire you to change the house

Recently, in the vastness of our nativeThe interior market formed an interesting trend: lamps in the style of a loft steampunk. Famous design critic and hostess design-lecture Olga Kosyreva recently published her own selection:

Google light bulb for a lot of new things.From the beautiful crystal bulbs of the English designer Lee Broome and the ornately wrapped Plumen to almost infinity. My latest discovery is Eric Thurner's Diamond light. Olga Kosyreva

Less sophisticated fans of interior trends also did not stand aside and demonstrated their own findings. We decided to create our own collection of the brightest novelties, which certainly would have pleased Nikola Tesla.