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In February, the famous StockholmWeek of design, it is Stockholm Design Week 2016, it is also the largest Scandinavian design exhibition. The creations of young designers, the trends of the coming year and bright new products - we chose everything that deserves attention The Stockholm Design Week is not only a forum for professionals, but also an opportunity for consumers to find a lot of useful things for the house, just admire the beautiful exhibits and, most importantly , To learn to think in Scandinavian. If this year you did not get to the Swedish capital, do not worry: we studied photo reports, reports, opinions from social networks and comments of our compatriots and chose the most interesting events and installations for you. Trends By far the main eventStockholm Design Week is considered the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. This year, her main theme was everything marked "eco", as well as the relationship between man and nature. It is not hard to guess what Scandinavian - and not only - design has been outlined this year: natural materials, natural colors, simple shapes. By the way, in the context of this exhibition, “green” means not only friendly to nature, but also a confident coloristic trend: there was really a lot of green and its shades at Stockholm Design Week. Eco-project Naturalist We decided to start with ourcompatriots - the project of Tatyana Kudryavtseva and Yaroslav Misonzhnikov "Naturalist", which brought together almost two dozen Russian designers and studios. Its main idea is unity with nature, its integration into urbanism and the ability to create a small garden right in the city. At the exhibition in Stockholm, the guys presented a collection of objects and decor, lamps, flower pots, stands for plants and printed fabrics. In addition to the founders, the project was attended by: Alexander Kanygin, Anya Druzhinina, Lyosha Galkin, Maxim Shcherbakov, Maxim Maksimov, Katerina Kopytina, Sveta Gerasimova, Ekaterina Vagurina, Tanya Klimenko, Anastasia Koscheeva, Katya Tolstykh, Olesya Ananyeva, Ekaterina Semyonova and Nikita Cherevkov Elvira Lomovskaya. Author Katerina Kopytina Author Maxim Shcherbakov author Maxim Shcherbakov Iittala X Issey Miyake Oneof the most significant collaborations of this exhibition is the collaboration of the Finnish company Iittala and the famous Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake. Together they created a collection of home accessories that included glassware, polygonal dishes, pillows and origami napkins. The point of contact was found exactly in what is inherent in both the Finns and the Japanese: the love of restrained colors and reasonable minimalism. Tom Dixon for Ege First Name Britishdesigner Tom Dixon is associated with brutal furniture and lamps, but this time together with the Danish brand Ege he presented a series. In creating this collection, Tom was inspired by the cityscapes of London: in the prints, smoke from chimneys, cracked asphalt and the waters of the Thames are guessed. New products from Wästberg The Swedish factory Wästberg in thispresented several new products at once. The laconic asymmetric luminaire Alto stands out especially among them, which, thanks to its simplicity and harmony, won the Best Product award. Another noteworthy object is the Busby smart lamp with built-in USB port, developed in conjunction with the British brand Industrial Facility. Tables from Fish and Pink Interesting collectionpresented at the exhibition the local - Stockholm - brand Fish and Pink. The Freckles and Shine series consists of three tables, the tabletops of which are made in the terrazzo technique of cement, water and stone chips. The collection is clearly influenced by the postmodernism of the 80s, and thanks to the bright colors and clear forms, it looks very fresh. Floor lamp Yuue Design All Scandinavian minimalismembodied in this floor lamp from the young Berlin brand Yuue Design. The floor lamp is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination. Its designers basically did not hide it, but showed it in all its glory: firstly, in the design it looks better than any decorative element, and secondly, this way the user will see how everything works. Miami Déco series An interesting collection of paints underthe name Miami Déco introduced another local brand, Alcro. According to the designers, this series of colors was inspired by the Art Deco style with its clear geometric shapes, straight lines and contrast. The paint line includes 5 colors: Milkshake, South Beach, Florida, Daiquiri and Everglades. Both their name and the name of the entire collection hint at an unusual combination of popular style motives and light festive atmosphere of parties in Miami. Bath by Muubs Unusual brutal bath bythe Danish brand Muubs simply could not go unnoticed. A solid piece of stone, in which a recess for the bowl was knocked out, perfectly fits the concept of this year: to be closer to nature. Despite its impressive appearance, according to the creators, the inside of the bathtub is very comfortable and gives a feeling of unity with nature and safety. Monica Förster for Rörstrand Back in 1726,when the Swedish company Rörstrand was founded, blue was at its peak. Almost 290 years later, in 2014, designer Monica Förster suggested repeating the success and created for the brand a collection of elegant tableware in blue and white Inblue. This year a series of tableware appeared at the exhibition. Opinion Exhibitions are an integral part of lifedesign critic, design historian and founder of the design lecture hall Olga Kosyreva. She couldn't miss the Design Week in Stockholm, and we asked Olga to tell about her impressions. Olga Kosyreva, design historian: - The Stockholm Furniture and Light Exhibition is the largest event of its kind in the whole of Northern Europe, and this exhibition has become more and more influential in recent years. Which confirms at least the fact that such a large furniture manufacturer as Vitra is sure to arrange some important premiere in Stockholm, shows a new collection. For three years in a row, I also consider visiting the Stockholm Fair to be more important than trips to Cologne and Paris for the Maison et Objet. In Stockholm, the mood is completely different. The style that is ubiquitous is modern modernism, eco-style and what we call Scandinavian. The exhibiting companies are mostly local too: Swedish, Danish, Finnish. The Danes are getting stronger and stronger every year, their companies simply pull out the palm from the Swedes. All major Scandinavian brands are of course represented. My favorites are always: & Tradition, Swedese, Gubi, Hay, Muuto, Bolon, Eric Jorgensen, Fredericia. Also in Stockholm you can find many very interesting firms, often small, working on the principle of ateliers, which are not known or not widely known in the international arena. This year it was Finnish Nikari, Swedish Per Soderberg, David Design, Byarums Bruk, Danish Menu and Please wait to be seated. Olga also shared photos from the exhibition: # 2016sdw Of course, at exhibitions of this magnitudeYou can't see everything with your own eyes and you can't find out all the opinions, so finally we looked on Instagram to see what moments of the exhibition attracted the attention of designers, bloggers and those who are simply interested.

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