Small apartments

Natural motifs in the interior of the apartment Maggie and Jose

Natural motifs in the interior of the apartment Maggie andJose A pair of sweethearts will show us the natural motifs in the interior of his apartment. When Maggie and Jose couldn’t pay for the expensive apartment rental in San Francisco anymore, they decided to pack up and move to Oakland - many people who can’t afford the high rental prices in the Bay Area do this. In Auckland, they were not the first time. Maggie's relatives live here, and Jose and his friend opened a coffee shop a year before the move. After 8 months, the couple “took root” in this cozy apartment with a Bohemian interior. It took the pair less than a year to createincredibly comfortable housing Inspired by vintage stores of used goods and various Bohemian destinations, the couple was able to arrange the house in a style combining Maggie's great love for plants and objects that remind of home and family. Upon entering the apartment, you can see the butterflies that the couple brought from Peru, Jose's homeland, and the apartment itself is furnished with furniture that Maggie inherited from her mother. All these elements make the apartment incredibly comfortable, and the house - full of energy. Metal shelves solve the issue of storing things in a small apartment space

Maggie about the design of his apartment:

Style: Vintage, but without kitsch. Graphic nature Inspires: Mom Maggie, second-hand goods stores, internet, blogs Favorite interior item: Plants Flowers and plants on the wicker shelf HomeTask: The apartment is small. We love when there are a lot of different things and objects in the house, but we do not like the feeling of overcrowding in space. Everywhere need a limit! What friends say: More plants? Seriously? Tip: You need to store things in beautiful containers / containers. I store my belongings in ceramic containers, not in plastic boxes. In the kitchen, spices and bulk products are stored in identical jars. Sources of Inspiration: Vintage Items (with Ebay) Friends often gather in the backyard. The hopps limited edition skateboard hangs on entering the sunny bedroom Folding table, shelf for hats, a collection of butterflies from Peru On the left is a bench made by another couple’s order. Vintage Clothing Collection Wicker baskets, bought in commission George dog is waiting for treats, sitting on the rug "IKEA" Corridor leading to the living room Bright carpet hanging over the sofa in the living room Several skateboards on the living room wall Washer and dryer in the living room Vintage chest of drawers Decoration of wood sticks A shelf of flowers hanging right above the photos. A small window in the kitchen adds a bit of light. Various containers and plants fit on metal shelves in the kitchen Food storage jars add texture and color to white kitchen walls. Hopps skateboard in the bathroom Apartment plan of 5 sq.m.