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Braid: Characteristics of character

From this post you will learn the history of wicker furniture, the scope of its application in the interior and the features of the materials. And still look beautiful pictures and wish to buy yourself a wicker complement

Furniture for the poor?

It was believed that originally woven objectsthe interior was used only by the poor, but during the excavations of the tomb of Tutankhamun and during the excavations of Ancient Rome, there were many beautiful wicker artifacts that proved that the braid was by no means synonymous with poverty. From the vine, reeds and roots of trees made beds, baskets, carriages, dishes, boxes.

Rattan, willow, cane and algae

Now rattan is most often used for weaving,reeds, willow and algae. In Asia, the most common material is rattan, which is made from rattan fibers (a type of palm tree). This material is extremely durable, the length of fiber from one palm tree can be up to 250 m. Rattan perfectly withstands changes in humidity and temperature. Therefore, furniture made of it is literally street furniture. In fact, she is not afraid not only of rain and heat, but also frost and slush. Willow vine. This is the most popular weaving material in our country. Baskets, cradles, benches, chests, armchairs were traditionally woven from willow vines. Willow, of course, is inferior in aesthetic properties to rattan, but it is much cheaper and more affordable. Reeds and algae are not used very often, so let us omit a detailed description of them.

Wicker furniture in the interior

Wicker items bring a holiday moodand sometimes it is worth a lot! And you don't need to think that some kind of special interior is needed for the braid. This is wrong. If you buy more than one wicker item, but a couple of three, then regardless of the style, the interior will accept them quite organically. Furniture items made from a combination of rattan and leather, algae and plastic, and so on, look very beautiful. Caring for wicker furniture is quite simple: removable covers are washed, and the furniture itself is cleaned with brushes and a vacuum cleaner, after which polish is applied to all wicker parts of the headset to extend the life of the product and give it an updated look.;;;;;