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New kitchen: what can and can not be saved


Want to save a lot when buying a newcomerThe kitchen? Then everything should be properly thought out and eliminated all unnecessary delights. With a cold, weighted approach, you can get tangible savings! And we will help you in this. Recently, the world is overwhelmed by a lot of events that cause crisis situations, as well as various problems, including financial ones. Whatever it was, life is still going on and, despite the fall of the ruble, we are still making purchases. Kitchens are no exception, but in the current reality everyone tries to save more carefully than before. Therefore, we have prepared a short digression, which will tell you what can be neglected, and where to stint it is not necessary not to lose.


The most important point when creating a kitchen is comfortableand a layout thought out to every centimeter. And it is at this stage that you can significantly save money by avoiding expensive options for this very layout when planning. If possible, try to abandon the U-shaped and L-shaped arrangements, because in this case you will need a lot of furniture, including corner cabinets with drawers of the "carousel" type, and with them expensive accessories. For greater savings, it is better to consider a linear layout or the option with a bar counter, which is also very functional and compact. But here it is important to think over the design to the smallest detail so that ergonomics are not affected. Artur Guchigov, export manager of Mobalpa for the Russian Federation andCIS: - First of all, the cost depends on the material of the facade. For example, laminate is cheaper than varnish, acrylic or solid wood. Today, our factory has melamine facades under gloss varnish, which are 50 percent cheaper than gloss varnish, but they look the same. This is the Melia model, which is currently the most popular in Europe. You can also save money by choosing solid facades instead of glass ones. The products of our factory allow you to mix different materials and models. For example, a kitchen can be made cheaper if the upper bases are made with acrylic trim, and the lower ones are made of laminate. This way you can create a unique design and fit into your budget. Keep in mind that pull-out elements are more expensive than swing fronts.

Material and design of facades

Rejection of naturalwood in favor of more affordable options. Facades based on MDF are inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain, and their price varies depending on the cladding. Modules with the application of PVC film will be the most budgetary, but those coated with plastic or varnish will be significantly more expensive. The cheapest options are made of foil chipboard. At the same time, the same chipboard, but varnished, will already be several times more expensive. However, whether it's a budget model or a premium kitchen, a self-respecting manufacturer makes no difference in their quality. He performs even cheap options in accordance with all standards, so that the furniture will serve for many years, while being provided with a long-term guarantee. Therefore, in pursuit of savings, do not be afraid to pay a little extra for quality. If glass inserts, aluminum frames and stained-glass facades are not vital elements for you, you can also refuse them. And so that the kitchen does not become scanty and dull from this, you can order doors in different colors. By the way, for aesthetics, you can add open facades and shelves, which, in addition to a stylish look, will also reduce the cost of the kitchen.


Here again, the main principle is substitutionexpensive materials are more readily available. For lovers of natural stone, it is better to consider an artificial one as an alternative, especially since it is in no way inferior, and in some qualities even surpasses its natural counterpart. Despite the stylish and original look, solid wood, glass and metal are quite whimsical materials both in use and in care. But they cannot boast of a low price. And if MDF, fiberboard and particleboard countertops are inexpensive, this does not mean that they are worse. Compared to wood and glass, they are even better both in use and in maintenance. In addition, they have a huge range of models with a large number of textures and colors. But in any case, pay attention to the ends of the countertops so that they are airtight, without chips and microcracks. Since for inexpensive MDF, fiberboard and particleboard, moisture is destructive. When it gets inside the material, it will swell and deform, and this cannot be eliminated. Artur Guchigov, export manager of Mobalpa for Russia and the CIS: - Laminate and compact laminate are very popular in Europe today, since this product can imitate all types of stone, wood and other materials, while it is much cheaper and at the same time of excellent quality and pleasant to the touch.

Quality fittings

All fittings must be made of good,durable metal. Otherwise, seemingly insignificant parts like shock absorbers, door closers or cabinet hinges can become a huge problem. Therefore, in order for everything to serve for a long time and work like a clock, so that the drawers slide out easily, and the doors close quietly and smoothly, in no case do not save on this. At the same time, this does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive and sophisticated options. It will be enough, after making sure of the quality of the fittings, to choose a standard set. And with their huge assortment, few people will be able to tell whether it is factory stamping or handmade pens.

Organizers for boxes

The filling of kitchen drawers is directly proportionalreducing your budget. But it is these little things that can greatly simplify your life and help in the competent arrangement of the kitchen, and this is almost priceless. Thanks to the drawer organizers, order and cleanliness of the workspace will be achieved quickly and easily. Bottle holders, liners, trays and dividers will make everyday life a lot easier, but don't forget about their cost. To save money, it is better not to purchase expensive exclusive organizers made of metal or natural wood, but to acquire plastic models. Especially considering the fact that they are several times cheaper.

On a note!

  • Choose for the most part standard doors, as folding, sliding and other variations can significantly increase the cost of the headset.
  • It is most rational and advantageous to purchase lockers of standard sizes, and also try to use one large locker instead of two small ones.
  • To reduce the price of the project of a new kitchen, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary insertions, bends and different angular elements.
  • The cheapest thing is to buy household appliances in stores, guessing the purchase for discounts and promotions, than to take it in the same cabin, where the furniture itself.
  • If you make the right calculations, you can abandon the hinged cabinets without losing storage space, but saving money. This is especially true for small kitchens.