Unique novelties of wooden housing construction

If you could not get on October 30 - November 2To the exhibition devoted to wooden housing construction, do not worry! We tell and show that there was an interesting and unusual From October 30 to November 2 in Moscow in the 75th pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center the 21st international exhibition "Wooden house construction - Holzhaus 2014" was held. This event is rightfully considered one of the most significant industry events for the construction and construction of wooden houses. What Russian and foreign companies presented at "Holzhaus 2014", without a doubt, can be considered the key trends of modern wooden housing construction. So, why did visitors come to the exhibition "Wooden House Building - Holzhaus 2014" this year and what was interesting there? We ourselves have visited this event and have explored everything for you!

Modern technologies

Those who plan to build a wooden house (orIs under construction), as well as those whose work is directly related to wooden housing construction, the exhibition presented many surprises and reminded of new high-tech solutions. Our top 5 modern technologies and materials for wooden housing construction: 1. RPG panels from Ruspanel. A worthy modern alternative and a gypsum-fiber sheet, and, of course, gypsum board. Adjustable sound and heat insulation properties, 100% moisture resistance and waterproofing, light weight, compatibility with any finishing trim and, finally, the possibility of giving the panels absolutely any shape - all this makes this innovative material almost indispensable for construction and repair. Our panels are a universal material. Especially they will be useful in wooden houses for the arrangement of "wet zones": in fact, it is only necessary to decide where the waterproofing is needed - and to use RPG panels. In this case, you can create a variety of shapes: semicircular, curved. Excellent fit panels for spa zones, hammams, showers, and fonts. Panels are suitable for use at temperatures from -50 degrees to +75, have a low weight, and without any problems fit as a base for any finishing material, including granite. The way of installation of RPP-panels Ruspanel - mechanical or glutinous.

Ruspanel Manager for work with VIP clients 2. Profiled beam ("Lesnoy Paradise", Kazan). Among the many variants of glued beams, represented by a variety of brands, the Holzhaus 2014 boasted a stand designed using a profiled beam. There is no such bar as we have at the exhibition. This is not a glued beam, it is an array - 100% environmentally friendly material; There is no glue, there is only a tree. The humidity of our timber is 17%, we are the only ones in the market that give such a percentage of humidity. We dry the timber with our own, developed technology for three weeks. To our clients we offer both the material itself, and the construction on an individual project, and ready-made solutions.

Representative of the company "Lesnoy Paradise" 3. Art forging from the company Ferrarius. This stand favorably differed from the rest by its eccentricity. A lot of forged souvenirs and decor elements could not only be seen and touched, but also bought. Ferrarius produces mangalas, canopies, bridges, fences, arbours, benches and much more. When creating their work, the company's specialists use a unique system for processing finished products, thanks to which the result is truly impressive. The guaranteed period of protection against corrosion is up to 30 years. All our works are made by hand, we do not do stamping.

Representative of Ferrarius 4. Live moss and grass cover from the company "Space Plus." A completely new look at the house as an eco-environment - elements from natural Evergreen moss of all sizes and variations. This is an evergreen covering, without light, irrigation and fertilizers. Another innovative coating from "Space Plus" is the Roofingreen herbal cover, pleasant to the touch and having an incredibly wide range of applications. Plus to aesthetic properties - heat insulation and fire safety. 5. A full range of services for the construction of wooden houses from "GlavDachTrust". One of the few construction companies on the market, which offers customers a whole range of services related to the wooden house building. Here the customer will be offered everything from design to finishing - the company is engaged in everything from the foundation to the roof. In addition, GlavDachTrust independently produces material, has several standard house designs, as well as ready-made objects for sale.

Aesthetic pleasure

Many stands of the exhibition "Wooden House Building"Were designed in such an original way that it was worthwhile to attend the event only to even just impress with the creativity of their creators. Our top 3 original stands:

  • "Russian West", exclusive distributorBuilt-in vacuum cleaners "Beam Electrolux" (Beam Electrolux), posted a video consultant at his stand - a girl telling about the features of the built-in vacuum cleaner. The video figure of the girl was made in full growth and created the absolute effect of the fact that the future has already come.
  • The construction company "Zodchestvo-M" turned its stand into a kind of cozy decorated forest hut, inviting tired travelers to rest.
  • The company "Ecotermix" (Ecotermix), specializing in sprayed thermal insulation, has designed its stand in the form of a dwelling of this very thermal insulation.
  • Tactile sensations

    In the construction and decoration of a house,Only the functional properties of materials, but also the appearance, especially when it comes to wooden housing construction and decoration elements. A lot of stands were presented at the Holzhaus 2014, the elements of which I wanted to touch to get pleasure from textures and diversify tactile sensations. We chose the top 3 pleasant to the touch of the stand:

  • Thermal panels "Fryd". Created for insulation and facade cladding, these panels are a combined system consisting of a rigid base, a heater and a cladding layer. At the exhibition these panels were presented in a wide assortment, the varietal versions satisfied even the most demanding taste: ceramic granite, natural stone, facade tiles and much more.
  • Sheets "Aquapan" - a solution for the roof. Metrotile Company presented light, strong, durable sheets for roofs at the exhibition. According to the manufacturer, the material is fireproof, environmentally friendly, easy to install and resistant to corrosion. In addition, the sheets "Aquapan" have a special granular texture, which hides the noise in the rain and hail.
  • "Arkhangelsk chopped houses." The company presented a stand from the most real Arkhangelsk pine, and even with a traditional natural insulation. According to the company's representatives, timber from the Arkhangelsk forests is particularly dense and resinous, less prone to cracking and rotting. Houses from the White Sea pine stand not for one hundred years, the manufacturer assures.
  • Details

    Stands of the exhibition "Wooden house construction -Holzhaus 2014 "pleased with some original details. Many companies have placed on their sites mock-ups of houses. Company Pol-Skone, specializing in doors and windows, presented a stand with a lot of opening doors. At the stand of the construction company "Domik" guests of the exhibition were greeted by a bear cut from a tree. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - There were a lot of interesting events in the framework of the exhibition. We especially remember the forum "Days of half-timbered architecture in Moscow". Within the framework of the forum were presented: book exhibition "Wooden construction", photo exhibition "Fachwerk Moscovia", round table "Postulates of development of postfacquer architecture: integration, synthesis, innovations", an exhibition of sketches of half-timbered houses in black and white graphics, made by children from ANO "Mir" Childhood ", the demonstration of the movie" Fachwerk and music "and much more.,,,,,,,