Novelties, discounts and promotions for bedrooms: sewing as a gift, python skin and a bed at half price -


In our selection you will find the most interesting offers of this week

Until the end of this month in the textile studio TogasCouture Interiors will act stock - for individual order sewing will be made free of charge. The studio provides full support of the order, starting with the removal of measurements and finishing with the installation of the decor.

The company Svad Dondi introduced a new collectionbed linen. This time, in addition to classic ornaments in the design of models, you can notice a pattern, not characteristic of bedroom textiles, reminiscent of snake skin. The ornament is designed in such a way that it does not cause negative emotions, and it is difficult to look away from it.

In the hypermarket Hoff again global sale. This time you can buy a full double bed for half the price. The choice as always is wide, and the prices are more than democratic.