A beautiful chair with your own hands: the stages of manufacturing


Furniture such as a chair is one of the mostnecessary attributes in life. Choosing such furniture for today does not seem difficult. However, it is not so difficult and will cost much less than a purchased one. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to have the skills of a professional carpenter, only accuracy and strict adherence to the instructions will be needed. Drawing of a wooden chairDrawing of a wooden chair. With regard to the tools that are needed to make the chair, they are as follows:

  • plane;
  • stichel;
  • joiner glue;
  • a detachable saw;
  • electric drill;
  • A stapler;
  • rasp designed for woodworking.

If we talk about the necessary materials, they are:

  • thick paper (1 sheet);
  • a wooden board with a thickness of 30 mm;
  • foam rubber piece.

How to make a beautiful chair: the stages of making

Tools for making wooden chairs. The manufacture of such furniture should be carried out in stages. First of all, you should make the rear legs, the sketch must be thrown on a sheet of thick paper. Also on paper, the lateral projection of the posterior support legs of the chair should be displayed. Then cut out the template. The rear legs of the future beautiful chair are cut using a fillet. Then these parts must be treated with sandpaper. The butts should also be treated with sandpaper, then you have to work the rasp. After this, you can proceed to excise the details of the back of the chair. Now it's the turn to work electric drill, you should turn on the hitting mode and at low speed drill the indentations for round spikes-nagels. The back and legs of such furniture are collected with nagel. In order to make the chair itself very attractive, you should make a pattern on the back of the seat. For this, its cut is cut with a saw, but it must be perfectly honed before that. After such a procedure is completed, you need to work the skin and the stylus. The next stage of making a beautiful chair with your own hands is work on the front legs and the frame of the seat. Here it is necessary to work as a plane, the principle of work here is the same as for the manufacture of the rear legs of a chair. Now you need to make sure that all the details of such furniture are ideally suited to each other. After this, you can proceed to assemble beautiful furniture, but do not use glue. Scheme of assembling a wooden chair. If all the details in the construction have come together perfectly, then you can assemble the chair already with the help of carpentry glue. Now you need to cover such furniture with varnish, you can use the stain. The turn of the finishing stage which consists in manufacturing of a seat has come. In order to make this chair not only beautiful, but also comfortable, like an armchair, the seat should be made soft. To do this, from the plywood sheet you need to cut out the shape of the chair, then the same shape is cut from the foam rubber. When the cover for the chair is sewn, from the edges of the mold it is necessary to retreat approximately 15 cm. Then the plywood with foam should be wrapped with a cloth, for strength from the back side it should be shot with a stapler. Back to contents</a> What are the ways of decorating? Decorate the chair in a variety of ways, you can use for this ordinary wipes or even a poster. With the help of a sponge or a brush, you need to apply glue (you can use PVA), then on top of the wet glue is put a poster, which before this should be soaked in water. If there is excess air, then they must be carefully removed with a roller. Then everything should dry properly, for this you need to wait at least a day. Now everything should be covered with 3-4 layers of acrylic lacquer, it is not difficult to do, but between each layer it is necessary to do an interval of time per hour. You can make beautiful chairs in a romantic style. For this, the furniture is covered with white paint, and the seats are decorated with a cloth of blue or pink. It is recommended to give preference to velvet or velor, you can choose a fabric with a romantic image of flowers. Such upholstery is fixed with decorative nails for furniture. Nothing difficult is to make a beautiful chair yourself, no. In order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary not only to follow the recommendations, but also not to be afraid to show imagination. Then you can not doubt that such creativity will be appreciated. And it is especially pleasant to realize that it does not foresee a large financial outlay.