No space for spoons: 14 additional storage places in the kitchen

"Kitchen" and "tricks" are almost synonymous. However, we do not so often use the potential of imagination for the benefit of the kitchen itself. But today we risk and we will do it together with you. Waiting for you amazing discoveries Kitchens do not often please us with an abundance of free space, but the amount of necessary utensils only grows every day. What to do? We propose to brainstorm and find several corners that you may not even have thought of. So, what is your kitchen really capable of?

1. Sprays

Cleaners with spray guns - frequent"Guests" in our kitchens, and in order to facilitate their use, reduce the search time and just prevent the mess, we advise you to install the most common rake in one of the lockers. Look how easy and convenient it is.

2. Corner cabinets

When ordering kitchen furniture, do not forget to discuss withthe possibility of placing corner boxes. Already painfully uncomfortable this place for usual cases - doors all the time beat against neighboring, and boxes interfere with each other. Angular same option - roomy and extremely functional.

3. Covers

The biggest problem in storageThe dishes are the covers. Together they can not be stacked, and it's simply impractical to store them together with the rest of the dishes. Our advice is to get a special organizer for covers. This simplest design can be fixed on any surface: you want - in the locker, you want - behind the stove, you want - at the work surface. The main thing - free space they will save the sea.

4. Retractable board

Of course, it is better to think about such an assistantand order it with the kitchen. Particularly relevant, the sliding board will be for a small kitchen, where a wide table top is a pipe dream, and occupying a very small area of ​​the working surface with planks seems utter madness.

5. Perforation

Stylishly hang up the frequently used kitchenutensils are not so simple. Special consoles are either too expensive or very rare. We propose to walk through the building store and discover for yourself such a brilliant thing as a perforated board. For a more visual effect, you can mark the location of each object with a white marker, circling it around the contour.

6. Console

If you still managed to become happyowner of a multifunctional dosochki with handles, pockets, potholders and shelves, do not rush to hang it on the wall. Leave a new assistant on the work surface. Mobility is one of the main advantages of any tool.

7. Dog bowls

Inaccurate children can only be dogs. Well, some dogs. If your dog is one of those who chase the bowl all over the kitchen, fix it in one place. For example, in a small niche of a kitchen island or in a special compartment of a kitchen cupboard. Bowls can be hidden behind a door, a curtain, a sliding partition or, on the contrary, to make of them a bright accent.

8. Vertical crates

Again, we appeal to those who are only planningkitchen. Remember how often we have to reach for a bottle of oil, balsamic vinegar, salt or whisk. And now imagine that all you need to do to get the next seasoning is just to lightly push your knee to a small vertical box. Today's technology allows you to open the doors of kitchen cabinets with an easy push, besides they are equipped with door closers.

9. The "outer" space

If all the walls are occupied, but things that mustbe constantly at hand becomes only more, pay attention to idle doors cabinet doors. They can be filled with a whole collection of necessary utensils.

10. Retractable crossbeam

Those who have the same thing is provided for inwardrobe closet, probably noted for itself its functionality. Why not equip your own kitchen with such a mechanism? Applications for use - a lot, but in favor you can not doubt.

11. Dispensers

All the time you forget how many teaspoons ina glass? Get a memo. For example, equip a small chalk board with hooks for spoon-dispensers, write out the most frequently used combinations and enjoy the result.

12. Magnetic board

Ironically, this attribute of office space can be very useful in the kitchen. To store a collection of spices, for example. Or for knives, mugs or even covers.

13. Another shelf

You have a small kitchen, and there is not enough space evenfor the most necessary? Raise your eyes and look at the front door, or rather, the space above it. Have not you already installed hanging cabinets or shelves? The moment has come.

14. Niche for notes

If your kitchen is not far from the hallway andyou are accustomed to throwing keys on the cutting table, equip a small niche for a standard set of hallways - hooks for keys, a screen for markings, a cork board for notes. Just do not forget about the door.,,,,,,,,,,, linkezy. com