No room in the bedroom: 10 additional storage options


Each thing has its own place, but what to do if inthe bedroom is not that much of it? Consider 10 practical and incredibly beautiful options! A multi-layered mountain of clothes on the back of a chair, uneven rows of shoes, an intricate bundle of jewelry and a wardrobe that won't close. If you do not have a separate dressing room, you are probably familiar with the problem of the lack of storage space for clothes and various little things. How do you find space for every item without turning your bedroom into a warehouse? A bulky closet is not the only and not the most correct solution. In this article, we have collected 10 inspiring examples that will not only help you solve your storage problem, but also delight the eye.

1. Under the bed

No, we will not encourage you to hide things underbed the way teenagers do in American films. However, it would be a mistake to ignore such a rather impressive space. You can choose a bed with built-in drawers in which it is convenient to store seasonal items or, for example, bed linen. Or arrange everything on your own, placing wicker baskets under the bed (this is especially convenient when it comes to storing small things). This will save you a lot of time and effort when cleaning. Roll-out boxes on wheels can also be an original solution.

2. Chests and suitcases

Surely in your family there are ancientheavy chests or suitcases. If they are still dusting in the attic, get them out urgently. They not only will gladly take large items, but will also decorate the interior. They can be safely put in a prominent place, for example, before the bed.

3. Floor Hangers

If you really like the new skirt or collectionshirts, why not put them on display? Add the elements of the show-room to the room and the floor hangers help a little to unload the cabinet. They can be as light metal, or massive wooden - choose to your taste.

4. Cabinets in the headboard

Pay close attention to spacearound the bed. If the bedside table is not enough, you should think about something more roomy. or small shelves located at the head of the bed will not "eat up" a lot of space from the general area and will become indispensable helpers for storing various little things, a collection of magazines or several books that you read before going to bed. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Be sure to make sure that cabinets and shelves placed at the head of the bed are securely fixed, and try not to overload them. It is also important that the shelf looks like a continuation of the bed or merged with the wall - otherwise unpleasant sensations from the "overhanging" boxes above you can not be avoided.

5. Tables and consoles

If there is no place for a smart boudoir corner,use more compact options. Look closely at models with built-in boxes with attachments for storing ornaments. A narrow console with drawers is also suitable - despite the modest dimensions, it will accommodate your collection of cosmetics and accessories.

6. Hooks

What will it be - the head of a deer, vintage hooksor amusing finds of modern designers? Hooks can be hung on the wall next to the mirror or on the bedside table - from the opposite side of the bed. So your entire collection of ornaments will be neatly organized and still visible.

7. Board on the wall

Another option for suitable for ownersa truly impressive collection. There are a great many options for such boards, you can buy a ready-made solution or make it yourself. A magnetic or cork board will do. You can take a picture frame and cover it with fabric, using pins or buttons as a "fixer".

8. Wardrobe parade

Often the wardrobes presented instores take up too much space and at the same time do not contain everything that is needed. For example, you need more space for shoes or long dresses, and the manufacturer did not take this into account. Organize the system of shelves and rails for your clothes yourself. So in yours there will be nothing superfluous, from the constituent elements you will create a configuration suitable for you. Opinion of the editorial board: - At the same time refuse from bulky doors. Try to replace them with curtains or even leave the shelves open. So you visually lighten the space.

9. Window

The space at the window is absolutely undeservedlyis ignored. Place the shelves above the window or on each side of the window opening. And if you were lucky enough to be the owner of thick walls, in the window area you can put a bench (under which, as you may have guessed, will be placed boxes or baskets). And the bench itself will be an ideal place for evenings after a book.

10. The door

If you already have a robe on your door ora towel, it's time to take the next step. Behind the door place a collection of bags or shoes. On the door itself you can hang special pockets - for cosmetics and various trifles.