There is no place in the nursery: a selection of the most spacious transformable furniture


A bedroom, a playroom, a place for classes and a dressing room. How to fit them in one room, leaving the child a space for life? The only solution is furniture-transformer. We have collected for you the best models and fresh solutions

Every parent knows: The children's room is the most versatile room in the house. You organize correctly - the children's world. A little mistake - the cemetery of broken toys. The trick is to fit everything that the child needs, and leave enough room for his fantasies. It's not so important how many meters you can allocate for the children's kingdom, 8 or 18 - free space for the game is still not enough.

The main task of the parent is optimizationspace - will turn into an equation with continuous unknowns. How to do so? How to choose furniture that is environmentally friendly, safe and bright, and not go broke? How to arrange it to stimulate independence and a habit of order, but not stifle imagination and the need for creativity?


Let's start with the main place for sleeping. Cradle-cot for a newborn, a small bed for a preschooler, a couch or a sofa for a teenager ... For a short period of time, you will have to buy 2 or 3 sleeping pieces of furniture, each having an orthopedic mattress! The beds-transformers in this situation - fast and best help. Moreover, they can be selected according to specific needs. Our opinion: - Whether a separate room is needed for a newborn is a controversial issue for both parents and pediatricians. Another thing is the preschooler. From 3-4 years, immediately after the first crisis of self-identification, when the child begins to show his own character and reach out to other children, there is a need for personal space. And it is worth considering, taking into account the characteristics of the awakening personality. This applies to both decor and functionality. Before choosing a color, theme or even a form of children's furniture, take a closer look, the more your child is interested: by airplanes or butterflies, paints or a designer.

Correctly matched transformable bedCan "hold out" from the age of the child 3-4 years and to the primary classes. The simplest solution is a sliding structure that will grow with the child. Some manufacturers supply it with additional sidewalls for safety reasons - many children are so actively spinning in the dream that they wake up on the floor and "out" - in time something like a couch turns out.

More complex, but also more interesting variant -Two-tier constructions with ladder. Above the bed is a space below which can become a study, a studio, a closet or a house. An additional option is a slide that turns the room into an attraction.

To save precious footage inventedBed-cabinets, equipped with lifting mechanisms (this option is more suitable for teenagers), podiums leaving the constructed box, bed-tables and many other structures.

Our opinion:

- Manufacturers offer and folding sofas, inIncluding for the youngest children. But we are not ready to recommend them. No sofa will provide the same comfort during sleep as a stationary bed with an orthopedic mattress. Among other things, this is a daily prophylaxis of scoliosis and violation of posture. Lessons, computers, TV - a mostly sedentary lifestyle led to the fact that more than two thirds of modern schoolchildren need, if not help, then in the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon.

Storage systems

About, But if there is no place for her, you have tomake do with a good old wardrobe. Better if it is multifunctional. The main requirement, in addition to safety, is a low height. The child should have full access to all of their belongings, with the exception of seasonal clothing, which the parent can obtain twice a year. Everything else - yourself, please. When choosing the main children's closet, remember that it will very soon become a cave of forty robbers, a burrow of an offended rabbit, and a third planet, and a bunch of the most unusual places. The cabinet must be reliable, roomy and without glass.

In addition to the cabinets that can be arranged under the bunk bed, there are cabinets that understand the bedside tables and racks, and cabinets from which you can remove the shelves for the diapers and insert the bar.

From about two years old, the child acquires the abilityfocus and fix your attention. This is the moment when it's time to start. To help the parent - open shelves, storage containers that can turn into tables and chairs: chests, seats with drawers inside and light mobile bedside tables, as well as a variety of modules.

Excellent design ideas for stimulationChildren's imagination - plastic modular blocks of the Swedish company Nola, which can be used as chairs, stools and a designer at the same time, from the same series - a bright shelving Quby from the Italian company B-line. The perfect solution for storing precious little things for the children's heart - the shelter under my my roof of the Mexican designer Christian Vivanco.

Tables and chairs

The question "what to feed?", As there and then there is the following -" on what? ". To do this, children's chairs with a table top have been designed. Modern transformers can be used for several years. In the most convenient - not only there, but also play, draw and even sleep.

In the 70s famous Norwegian designer Peter OpsvikCame up with a chair-transformer, which literally grows with the child until his entry into adulthood. The idea was born, of course, in the game with his son, who always wanted a little more chair - like his father. Since then, Opswick and his company have managed to sell millions of Tripp Trap around the world. The design, inspired by their own lives, was very successful.

No matter how convenient was the transformer for food andRest, soon it will have to be changed to a transformer for work. Many toddlers and a chair are required already in 5,5-6 years. In the kindergarten, preparation for school begins. It is believed that the best models in this category are offered by the Germans. These models are suitable for everyone, from preschoolers to students, allow you to adjust the height and angle of the table top, meet the standards of severe German Ministry of Health. However, they are very expensive.

Appear and Russian counterparts, and good quality and more affordable, for example, the Evolife kit from the Moscow company BGM.

In very small spaces, the problem can beIt is easier to solve. The table "grow" with the child is not necessary. The same effect can be achieved by buying a good work chair with height adjustment. A place can be successfully saved with a pendant board or a shelf near the wall.

Do it yourself

For very small or non-standard roomsChildren's furniture, including the one capable of transformation, is best made to order on individual sizes. There are quite a few private carpenters and furniture companies in the market that will manufacture you any design and even help with the drawings. As the main material, it is better to take a tree and take a very careful look at the choice of paints, impregnations and varnishes.

Our opinion:

- Children, even the smallest, should beIs planned in such a way that three or four people can play it in a mobile game. The less space will occupy the furniture - the better. But the furniture needs a special one. For a child's imagination, a closet, bed or table is always something more than just an object: it is the source of inspiration and the basis for the game. Therefore, it is important to select them so that the child feels like a full-fledged master in his house.