Organization of space

From what it's time to get rid of the interior: a guide to action -

Dissatisfied with the interior? The first impulse is to improve it by buying something else that will certainly fix it. People tend to overgrow things, but sometimes you need to clear the space before you fill it up again. We will show you what it is worth to get rid of in the house and why any house needs renovation. The season, way of life, the number of people and, finally, the domestic animals living on the same territory is changing. And some things remain for a long time, a dead weight lie in the way of possible changes. Carefully look around: what's the time to get rid of?

Things from a past life

Decor of your hobby phase oriental styles,posters of musical groups that you listened to in the students, furniture from your previous apartment (three times smaller than this), a grandmother's chest of drawers. It's time to get rid of obsolete things. Just ask yourself: would I buy it now?

Dust collectors

Not all things you really need.Pictures are not at all obliged to cover all the walls; in every corner there must certainly not be a table or a vase with a plant. , souvenirs, ridiculous gifts, even from very expensive people, only litter the room. Decor is not about filling empty spaces, but about expressing your personality and needs through design. Get rid of things that only gather dust and do not bring joy.

Bulky Items

When decorating your home, it is important to consider its proportions.The closet that looked great on the sales floor literally fills the whole thing. A sofa that was in a country house is not suitable for. Get rid of furniture that is annoying when you look at it.

Uncomfortable things

Perhaps you liked this bed in the picture,but look truth in the eyes - it is uncomfortable. A white carpet is not the best choice if you have small children or large dogs. Things should not stop living as you want. Throw away everything, use what you do not feel comfortable.

Unfinished Projects

On the chair you planned to change the upholstery, and the chairslong wanted to paint? On the case the paint has peeled off, and instead of updating it, which year are you trying to convince everyone that it's "so fashionable"? There is a shabby shine of the style of shebbie chic, and there are simply old or unfinished pieces of furniture and decor. Now the feeling of guilt prevents you from getting rid of something that you did not like initially. Start again and do not settle for half-measures and compromises - nothing should annoy the interior, every thing in its place only when it pleases you and makes life better.