Of what to build a house: the best thematic materials -

With the advent of autumn, many of us beginConstruction, someone just plans to do it in the future. In order to make it easier for the latter to choose the construction technology, we created a selection of the most interesting thematic articles about what to choose: brick, blocks or wireframe technology

As experience has shown, logs and bricks - not so muchAnd a logical choice for construction, as we all thought for a long time. Building technologies are becoming more and more every day. Today we will remember those that we have already mastered. At least in theory. Brick houses can be found everywhere,But there are a lot of types of bricks themselves, hardly any of us thought about it. The brick - this is a high level of heat savings, and durability, and undeniable aesthetic properties. As for the minuses, there are very few of them.

Brick is already a classic, but if you are a stonePrefer wood, frame construction - for you. Houses on this technology are built at times more, they are cheaper and certainly much more environmentally friendly. From our you will learn in detail about all the advantages of houses from frame blocks and can finally make a deliberate decision. Another construction - block. Here we are talking about modern materials, such as cellular concrete, expanded clay and polystyrene concrete. Advantages over "classical" construction methods for block technology are five. However, there are as many minuses as this.