The old factory in Moscow will turn into an art quarter

The territory of the factory "Crystal" very soonWill receive a second life as a modern art space for life and development. How exactly will the creative quarter look like? This question is to be answered by the participants of the open competition

About the complex

The history of the Kristall factory begins in 1901Year, and although now its territory is rather deserted, life will soon be wobbling here. On the shore of Yauza a unique modern creative space will be created, offering all conditions for a full life and development. On the territory of a total area of ​​9.3 hectares, it is planned to create an art quarter "City Crystal": educational and cultural institutions will open here, sports zones will appear, and will also be implemented.

About the contest

In order to choose the optimal conceptDevelopment of public spaces on the territory of the creative quarter "City Crystal", an open competition was announced. Participants are invited to think over the arrangement of three zones:

  • Entrance area and city streets;
  • The fountain area and the pavilion "Gardens-gardens";
  • Green area and railway zone.

The key requirement for projects is to create aThe territory of the public zones of the "City Crystal" complex, the creative mood of contemporary art space, preserving and transferring the historical spirit of this place. The task is rather difficult, but, undoubtedly, interesting. Winners will receive a reward of 150 thousand rubles and a chance to implement their projects. Detailed terms, deadlines and requirements for participants are posted on the official website of the contest:

About the organizers

The organizers of an open tender for the development ofThe concept of development of public spaces on the territory of "City Crystal" is "Kreis Development" and the Agency for Strategic Development "Center", with the information support of Yakov Litvinov, General Director of Krays Development: - Competition for the development of the concept of public spaces "City Crystal" is an important stage in the development of the territory. I think that the professional jury and the contest mechanism will allow to choose the optimal concept for this unique creative cluster. Sergei Georgievsky, head of the competition organizing committee, general director of the Agency for Strategic Development "Center": - The competition will be the starting point for a new city space, a unique thematic cluster in the historical center of the city. Participants should suggest concepts that take into account the historical component of the site and reveal new functions of the territory, making it a public site for an active thinking audience.,