Summer decor: 18 ways to apply street garland at home -


Mid-July - it's time to start romanticizing the interior. We propose to do this in the simplest and most effective way - with the help of garlands. And here's what to do with them, we'll show you now

Lamps on the wire are associated with youOnly with the New Year? It's time to break this stereotype and open up a new experience. Garland is good for two reasons: firstly, it's flexible, and thus can take any form, that is it with the same success can be thrust into the bottle, or wrap the skeleton of the chandelier. To do this, of course, will have two different garlands or one, but at different times. The second reason to like garlands - a rich variety of species, from expensive crystal to the most budget paper versions. In an attempt to paint your interior light of this wonderful invention you will encounter only one problem - the inability to stop in time. And we will not insist, be inspired - and forward!