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Do not save on your dream: 9 interior design tips


In the bedroom you spend a good part of your life. But, of course, the repair is not the least thought about. Editorial specially interviewed three prominent interior designers to find out on what exactly is not worth saving, furnished bedroom Save or do not save? That is the question! Is it possible to arrange repairs in the bedroom with a limited budget, and how to do it right? These questions were answered by: decorator Elena Sereda, interior designer Lena Inashvili and architectural environment designer Irina Krivtsova.

Do not save on sleep! Tips from Elena Sereda

Elena Sereda believes that it is impossible in the bedroomsave on beds, lighting and good linens. We bring to your attention a number of tips that Elena gave specifically for the readers of our site. "Elena

Tip # 1: comfortable bed and thoughtful lighting

In the bedroom, you cannot save on a comfortable bed -they do not save on their sleep. Reduce the budget for furnishing any other room, for example, an office. Modern man is terribly exhausted during the day. It is very important where and how he sleeps, what he sees when going to sleep, and what he watches when he wakes up. Lighting in the bedroom is also of great importance, especially if its owners like to read at night. A bedside lamp does not have to be expensive, its main function is convenience. Consider lighting in such a way that it does not interfere with your significant other's sleep while you read. It is quite possible to refuse a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, especially if it hangs over the bed.

Board number 2: without excess furniture

Do not place a TV in the bedroom!Nothing should distract from a good rest. If the area of ​​the room allows, then it is better to get rid of the wardrobes. A chest of drawers for underwear is enough. It is good to have an armchair in the bedroom where you can sit down to change clothes. If there are a lot of decorative pillows in the decoration of the bed, then you will need a banquet at the foot of the bed, on which they can be removed at night.

Board number 3: lightweight textiles and natural fabrics

Do not spend money on sewing expensive heavybedspreads lined. Sooner or later, you will get bored every evening and every morning to be engaged in unfolding and folding these weights. Better to provide something light as a bedspread. Moreover, a light cape can be washed, but a heavy blanket, for example, velvet, will have to be carried to the dry-cleaner, where, perhaps, you will be going for a very long time. I also prefer light curtains, again for reasons of hygiene. They are much easier to care for. They let in a lot more light, which is very important in winter. Of course, there are people who fall asleep only in complete darkness, but this problem can be solved by a Roman curtain, planted on a special lining that does not allow light to pass through. It will be cheaper and easier to maintain.

Tip # 4: tactile sensations

You can not even save on bed linens. Tactile sensations are very important. It is better to buy several sets, but really good linen, for example, linen or satin cotton. If it is also beautiful, then the bed will not be frightened away, and the closet will be freed from the pile of duvet covers.

The main thing in the bedroom is textiles: advice from Lena Inashvili

Lena Inashvili "text_image =" 12935 ″person_link = ""] Private interior designer, head of the Art at Home design studio. She is not alien to the classic styles. She loves to decorate interiors with unusual objects, often with an interesting history. She is attentive to the wishes of her customers. But Lena Inashvili claims that when repairing a sleeping bed, you can choose from an inexpensive segment, but the textiles must be impeccable.

Tip # 1: You can save on furniture, but not on textiles

All furniture in the bedroom can be low-budget,for example, buy a cheap bed and bedside tables on sale. But on what you can not save - so it's exactly on textiles. A qualitative and beautiful fabric for curtains and bedspreads will decorate any, even modest in cost interior, giving it completeness and comfort.

Tip # 2: the importance of light

Correctly selected lamps will also add to the bedroom a feeling of relaxation and peace. Rich fabrics and good lighting - I think this is also something you can not save on.

Convenience, peace and quiet - do not skimp on it: advice from Irina Krivtsova

Irina Krivtsova is sure that saving is not worth iteven at the design stage. In the bedroom, not only a comfortable sleeping place, a beautiful interior and good lighting are important, but also sound insulation. Irina Krivtsova Irina Krivtsova has been working in the field of design for over 11 years. He has a higher engineering degree, as well as a second higher specialized education - an architectural environment designer (NIM). In 2008, she and her colleagues founded her own studio.

Council number 1: that neighbors do not interfere with sleep

The bedroom is a room for relaxation, and most importantly inrelaxation is silence, peace and convenience. Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to at the stage of designing and renovating a bedroom is good sound insulation of the walls. Especially if this is a bedroom in an apartment building and you have noisy neighbors behind the wall. There are now enough high-quality environmentally friendly materials on the market that do not reduce volume, and at the same time perform their functions well. Pay attention to the quality of the windows. If the window or windows of the bedroom face a noisy avenue or street, it is better to install a triple glass unit. Choose products from well-established manufacturers - you certainly shouldn't save on the quality of windows. Make sure that the door to the bedroom is tightly closed.

Board number 2: aesthetic pleasure

The second condition for a good rest in the bedroom -Peace. In this case, it's about the aesthetic component of your bedroom. Determine for yourself, what kind of interior you feel comfortable in and surround yourself with such things. But the main thing is not to save on lighting. It is better to anticipate various scenarios in advance and think over such questions, for example:

  • Will it be convenient for you to turn off the general light without getting out of bed?
  • Is the table lamp enough for reading, or is it better to use a sconce over the bed?
  • Whether it is necessary separately to light a ladies' table with a mirror, using a backlight, or will there be enough floor lamps?

Buy high-quality fixtures. You can choose different options for every taste and budget, the choice is huge, but avoid fakes!

Tip # 3: Choosing the right mattress

The third important condition for good rest isconvenience. You shouldn't save on a comfortable mattress either. It is better to select it after the bed has been selected and installed, since it is necessary to accurately measure the mattress along the lattice. In the store, try to lie on different mattresses, ask the seller about their benefits, tell about your wishes. Choose the mattress on which it will be convenient for you to sleep at all times.;;