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How to beautifully decorate an interior with a low ceiling -


Are you annoyed by the low ceiling and you already had time to break your head several times over the problem of camouflaging this defect? We have 9 working ideas that will put your head on your shoulders

So you are completely happy with the size of the rooms.his new home, open plan and huge bathrooms ... There is only one problem. Well, can we dream? The low ceiling confuses you and does not allow you to calmly raise your eyes up. What to do? Connect your imagination. 1. Ceiling color

Low ceilings and bright walls in rich colorscan only afford risky and very professional designers. Ordinary mortals are better off staying on light walls and even lighter ceilings. It is not necessary to whitewash it, but it is still worth picking up even a pistachio shade one tone lighter than what you used on the walls. 2. Ceiling skirting boards

Do not be afraid to "weigh down" the space under the ceilingadditional materials. Medium skirting boards painted in the same shade as the walls will visually raise the ceiling. If, of course, it is finished in accordance with paragraph 1. 3. "High" art

Wall decor, painting and photography thatyou usually decorate the walls, in the reality of low ceilings, we recommend hanging a little higher than you are used to. If you do not use curtains and cannot raise the door portal to the ceiling, hang images in a small format over windows and doors. They will "catch" attention, while at the same time preventing the gaze from fixing the height of the ceiling. 4. Indoor jungle

Equally successful with the task of distractiontall indoor plants cope. It is better to put them on the floor next to the wall. It works in a slightly different way - the gaze slows down while concentrating on the plant and deceives itself, "incorrectly" calculating the height of the walls. 5. Door to the ceiling

Rather, a door portal. If it is possible to increase it to the very ceiling and choose a door of the appropriate size, feel free to do it, it will work. 6. Avoid "overhead" light

Chandeliers only attract attention. Even built-in lighting may not play into your hands, so if possible, try to get by with other lighting methods. 7. Stripes

Vertical, of course.They work according to the well-known scheme of "stretching" space. Wallpaper with the appropriate pattern, vinyl stickers, and hand-painted with the active support of masking tape will work. 8. Curtains inside and out

From ceiling to floor, I mean.Even if the windows themselves are tiny portholes, the curtains can be safely raised to the very top. This technique works on the principle of straight lines. 9. Low furniture

Everything is boring here, obviously and fairly straightforward. Low furniture leaves more air, simulating a more elongated space.