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How to make a vegetable bed out of a garden: 25 examples


Strawberries instead of roses, ornamental cabbage andred beet leaves on a flower bed in the front garden - this is how flower beds look fashionable today. Today we will tell you how you can turn an ordinary garden into a garden decoration Mixborder, ornamental garden, vegetable beds - these are the names of the same phenomenon that has gained popularity on almost all continents. In front gardens, in private plots, in the yards of fashionable cottages, flower beds with tomatoes, artichokes, carrots and lettuce have become one of the main directions of landscape design. To make you like your garden in the flower beds and delight your neighbors and guests, use our tips.

  • Before proceeding with the alteration of the site,Think which flower beds you would like to see on it, and what exactly will grow on them. 2-3 flowerbeds with parsley and dill greens are unlikely to require a radical redevelopment of the site, and if it is a carpet flowerbed or flowerbed, it will involve a significant part of the territory.
  • Have you decided on large flower beds? Think about how and what kind of plants you will plant on them. The significance here is not only the appearance, but also the speed of the shoot, the flowering time, the bushiness of the plants. Otherwise, it may turn out that some of the seedlings have already blossomed, while others are just beginning to rise. In the overall composition, the place with barely sprouted shoots will look like a bald patch.
  • Owners of small plots are more suitableMini flower beds. They are easily made from containers, wooden tubs, wicker baskets. The latter can even be suspended, and then you get a vertical bed. It is best to grow strawberries on it.
  • The fencing for the flower bed can be from variousMaterials: wood, stone, metal, concrete, thick plastic. Now they even sell ready-to-use forms under the flower beds of the most varied configuration. But if you choose the material yourself, you need to take into account that the tree does not serve as a fence for long. The same with metal if it is not protected by an anti-corrosion coating.
  • Fill the space between the flower beds with a green lawn. It will serve as an excellent background for vegetable compositions. And your family and guests will be more willing to spend time in the oasis you created.
  • A good hedge for the flowerbed can serve as a hedge. The main thing is to cut it in time so that it does not block the flower bed from the sun and from your gaze. This construction of the flowerbed is called a French garden. She looks equally good both in a small front garden and in a large yard. Our opinion: - Pay attention to the paths between the flower beds. They should be located so that it would be convenient for you not only to approach any flowerbed, but also to look after it. It is desirable to lay out the paths with pebbles or stone. After watering the garden they are easily washed with water, and your site will always be clean. Portable flower beds are good because during the season you can change the configuration of your vegetable garden several times. Riot of colors of leaves of vegetable crops amazes imagination no less than flower. And this arrangement gives the whole composition dynamics and visually increases the area. Spiral-shaped flowerbed - another possibility to make the site unusual. Our opinion: - If you decide to use vertical flower beds, remember that plants need liquid organic fertilizing at least twice a month. High wooden flower beds can give the impression of pre-planting boxes with seedlings. To avoid this, you must plan their placement and form in advance. The material from which you will make the frame for the flower bed, sets the tone of the entire composition. Often the selection of plants for the mixborder depends on it. Correctly planned decorative garden will become a subject of white envy, even from a bird's eye view.