How to decorate chairs with your own hands: decoupage and other techniques

Chairs are the most commonly usedobjects of furniture. That's why they quickly grow old and get a nondescript appearance. Many owners immediately send worn out chairs to scrap, but if desired, you can return to their former attractiveness. will help to breathe new life into them. In addition, in the same way you can decorate the interior for the holiday - the wedding, the New Year or the birthday. Decoration of chairsTo decorate chairs does not require much work andmaterials. A few ribbons of cloth and a little imagination are enough. In order to restore the old chairs aesthetic appearance, there are several simple ways, each of them can be successfully used at home. All that is required for decoration, you can buy in any shopping center.

Decor chairs with fabric

It is not uncommon for the situation when, during the repair, the ownerscompletely change the colors of the decoration of the walls and the furniture ceases to correspond to the new interior. What to do? Comfortable and high-quality chairs are a pity to throw out. Here will be the way decorating chairs with a cloth. The main thing with this method of updating chairs is to choose a durable and reliable material that matches the color of the finish. It can be microfiber, jacquard or furniture silk, but most masters still recommend using a tapestry. This fabric is characterized by high wear resistance and durability due to the inclusion of artificial fibers in its composition. Scheme measurement of chair and drapery cover. If you need to decorate chairs for the holiday, you can choose a more elegant, thematic drawings fabric, not paying attention to its performance characteristics, because when the holiday passes, the decor from the chairs will be removed. If it is a matter of peretyazhke furniture for the requirements of the new interior, the material must be very durable, easy to wash and not prone to contamination. In addition to the fabric, the following tools and materials will need to be prepared:

  • a piece of foam rubber;
  • thin batting;
  • a piece of furniture or ribbon;
  • building stapler;
  • glue for furniture;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors;
  • pliers;
  • knife.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention toreliability of stool design. If it is old enough, creaks and swings, all the details must be disassembled, check the strength of the fasteners for strength, clean the grooves with sandpaper, removing irregularities, and then assemble the structure back, gluing the parts with furniture glue. If the chair is strong and reliable, you can immediately begin to decorate. To do this, put a piece of foam, corresponding to the size of the seat, on the base. Then the foam is covered with a batting sheet, which has an allowance on each side of 5 cm more than the size of the seat. The third layer will be a piece of fabric of the same size with batting. Batting and fabric are bent under the seat base and fixed to the underside with a construction stapler. Surplus material is cut with scissors. Schemes decorating chairs with the help of cloth. When cutting material to decorate chairs, you should pay close attention to the location of the pattern or pattern. It is better if it is located in the center of the seat. In order to properly arrange the pattern, it is desirable to pre-mark the fabric with a pencil or chalk, and then cut out the details. The chair backrest is similar to the dressing of the seat: first the foam is applied to the element, then the batting and the fabric. The edges of the batting and fabric are bent and attached to the chair with a stapler. In order to hide the staples, the seams are decorated with a dense tape or ribbon. For its fastening, transparent carpentry glue is used. Back to contents</a>

Decoration of chairs with the help of decoupage technique

Today decoupage is one of the mostpopular ways of decoration. This is a great way to decorate not only accessories such as caskets, bottles, vases and much more, but also furniture items. Decoration in the technique of decoupage is suitable for fully wooden or plywood-made chairs that do not have soft backs or seats. In order to decorate the chairs, you will need to prepare:

  • a clean, dry rag;
  • a container with water;
  • sandpaper;
  • putty for wood;
  • putty knife;
  • any paint for furniture (better white);
  • paint brush;
  • PVA glue;
  • napkins for decoupage or pictures;
  • transparent varnish for furniture.

Before decorating chairs it is necessary to checkall connections for strength. First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the decorated surface from dust and dirt. Then it should be treated with sandpaper and putty. When the putty dries, the surface is again treated with sandpaper before smoothness. It is desirable to apply at least two layers of putty, making them as thin as possible. After that, the chair can be dyed with any color you need, but experts recommend using water-based white paint, because it is on a white background that decoupage looks most advantageous. When painting, remember that it is necessary to use fresh dye, since the old composition after drying can acquire a yellowish color or peeling off. Then the picture from special napkins or pictures must be transferred to the chair seat. You can do this as follows:

  • From special napkins or pictures all the necessary elements are cut out. In this case, each drawing should have an offset from the edge of about 3 mm.
  • On the surface to be treated, apply a layer of PVA glue, slightly diluted with water.
  • The cut out elements of the pattern are lowered into the container with water for a few minutes, then they are dipped with a clean dry rag or towel. They also apply a layer of glue.
  • The workpiece is applied to the work surface and is smoothed. Excess glue is removed. Thus, all parts of the decoration are pasted.
  • When the elements dry,finish coloring of the piece of furniture. For this, a mixture of equal proportions of PVA glue, white paint and water is used. Coloring should begin with the elements of decoration, a small brush painting the contours of the picture, then you need to take a large brush and process the entire seat. When the paint dries, the treated surface needs to be covered with several layers of clear acrylic lacquer. Each layer dries for about 24 hours, so it can take 3-4 days to varnish. Similarly, you can decorate not only the chairs, but also the stool. Without a doubt, he will become the subject whose appearance will be surprised not only by his relatives, but also by the guests. Back to contents</a>

    Decorating with a jute rope

    Decor of natural jute will create in the apartmentatmosphere of comfort and warmth. In addition, it can become a beautiful accent to emphasize the style of the interior. To decorate jute chairs you need to prepare: Jute the stool as tightly as possible, gluing the rope where it can not be fixed.

    • a piece of fabric of suitable color;
    • rope of jute or sisal with a thickness of at least 3.5 mm;
    • A stapler;
    • glue;
    • ruler and pencil;
    • scissors;
    • a hammer;
    • wallpaper carnations.

    First, remove the old one from the seatupholstery. Then the whole structure is wrapped in a rope. The technique of work is as follows: the edge of the rope is fixed on the inside of the leg, back or other part of the structure with the help of a brace or clove. After this, the whole structure is tightly wrapped around the rope. The other end of the rope is fixed in the same way. In those places where the rope can not be fixed or nailed, it needs to be glued to the base with joinery glue, hiding the ends. To make the dress look more harmonious, you can remove the middle from the back of the chair, leaving only the basis of the design, and make a weaving by the rope, closing the central empty part of the back. Weaving should be in the form of a grid with large or small cells. Instead of the old upholstery, the seat is covered with a new cloth. For this, a piece is cut from the material, the dimensions of which on each side of the seat are more by 5 cm. The edges of the fabric are tucked under the seat and fixed with a construction stapler. On the outer outer part of the seat, you can drive decorative wallpaper carnations, fixing the fabric drape. Back to contents</a>

    Other ways of decorating chairs

    If the interior requires a themed decoration,Several other decorating methods can be used here. After the celebration, the decor is removed. So, decorate the chairs for the wedding day can be with the help of bows, strips of fabric, garlands, living or artificial flowers and leaves. For example, an unusual garland of rag flags in the form of triangles. On each flag, you can write letters that, when collected in a garland, will be the names of the newlyweds. Chairs with an openwork back can be decorated with large bows from wide strips of fabric or lace, in a knot of which interlace bouquets of wild flowers and other plant material. For these purposes, perfectly fit twigs gypsophila or dried flowers. Decorate chairs for the holiday or update them to the requirements of a new interior is not difficult. It is enough just to show a little imagination, and the house will be replenished with the original piece of furniture, which will cause admiration from friends and acquaintances.