Small bathroom interior

How to competently arrange a small bathroom


Surely many tenants in often encounterwith one problem: a small bathroom with a narrow space next to it. One could come to terms with this if there were several such premises! Therefore, the situation of small-sized apartments is a challenge: how to make a spacious one out of a small room? Unlike other places in the home, the bathroom often has a lot to store, from hair dryers to tubes and bottles of creams. Some people even manage to keep towels and other supplies here. How to make a miniature room as comfortable and beautiful as possible? Practical touches Let's start with one offundamental points in decorating a compact area: stick to the basics. What does it mean? Think about the things that should be at hand: soap, paper napkins, cotton balls. And make them look as beautiful as possible. If you have a limited area near the shower, you can use its part to accommodate useful details. Do it in an original and simple style. Put cotton balls in a glass jar. Charming little things decorate and attractAttention People often puzzle over where it is convenient to place disposable care products. Here is a simple example - a lot of pharmacy cans, where there was a place for cotton balls and cotton buds. Small details in original glass containersSome design enthusiasts like basic kits like soap dishes, liquid soap containers, and a tissue box. A transparent glass shower door can visually enlarge the space as the wall behind it is visible. Modern accessories placed on the tabletopDo not forget that you can find interesting and original containers for storing basic accessories - soap, lotion and paper napkins. Pay attention to the style of your restroom and make sure that you pick up elements that maximize the impression of design, especially if there is a little more space on the table. Several original little things make roomAn elegant accent is also able to bring a bright element that differs in tone from the overall palette. In this case, it is a modern beige soap dish. This unexpected color is combined with shades of earth, in which the picture on the white wall is made. The original soap dish in the interior

Special features

If the bathroom is small, you need to compensatethis by making it special. Place additional shelves in contrasting shades or other interesting design elements here. For example, a sleek wooden ledge is a great place for decorative items such as pictures or flowers. Wooden shelf You need another creativesolution for shelving? If there is a window in your bathroom, fix the board just on it! This rack is suitable for plants that will give freshness to the atmosphere, and the green color will perfectly fit into any interior! Shelf for flowerpots Another placement option is on either side of the mirror, above the sink. This will give the room not only depth, but also a special graphic rhythm. Fashionable shelves to match the mirror finishPrefer glamor? Many people want to bring elegance to their bathroom. It's hard to imagine anything more elegant than a sconce style chandelier and a two-tone washbasin with chrome details. This will also include a towel rack located under the drain. Luxury touches of antiquity Do not be afraid to approachquestion creatively! A drapery of striped fabric will turn the bathroom into a tent. Gold jewelry and decorative trim in Asian style will give the atmosphere a touch of luxury. Tent in a traditional bathroom Wallpaper is anotherstrategic decision for someone who wants to be known as original. For example, graphic wallpaper with an abstract pattern is a great idea for a bathroom. Not to mention the pendant lamps from the Design Within Reach, similar to the globe, clearly defining the modern style of the interior. How do you like the option with voluminous wallpaper?Looking to refine this style? Combine the wallpaper with the sconces. The reds are the perfect contrast for blues, blacks and whites. A mirror with clean frame lines makes it simple, while other decorative details can be provocative. Colorful sconces on walls covered with wallpaper Tileable to play an important role. In fact, blue and white make the space unusual and inviting for relaxation. The key Greek motif of the mirror adds a special charm. A blue and white porcelain figure under the sink complements the tiles, continuing to validate the theme of this compact room. Pottery with Greek motives Remember that youyou don't have to make big design changes if you want amazing results! Bohemian art deftly uses artwork to set a creative tone. Silhouettes are the theme. Black and white schemes are nicely enhanced in this small ladies' room by tiles matched in the same color scheme. Original silhouette work

Little things that matter

Sometimes the little things are very important. When a room is compact, one or two decorative accents can be all that the room needs to give it individuality. Better watch their quantity! We admire the interior in Asian style with an orchid, which stands next to the sink. It’s hard to imagine a shower without this perfect detail. Asian style In fact, plants areA very popular addition in small spaces. But here you can place only one or two pot. For example, aloe is the perfect complement to any of your fantasies, isn't it? Aloe in the interior Like another plant? How do you like ferns? They will love the humidity of this place! We often see how the greenery gives the room a zest. Admire how the plant gives the room freshness. What could be better than a fern for this light and airy interior? Snow-white interior Sometimes two is better than one! Especially when the duo heads the corresponding vases. One of them is red, the other is white, but the yellow flowers in them combine these objects. This method is suitable for strengthening the color scheme of compact rooms and makes them a new shade. Decorative vases emphasize how youvariant effect of home bathroom in the hotel? Special accessories such as guest hand towels, wrapped soap and some tropical greenery in a fashionable vase will all create a sense of spa and add a bit of luxury. Home-like cozy We will finish with a project thatembodies the most playful touches. Look at the red tape and other whimsical features. The result is commendable - a truly unique interior that creates a great design! Playful details in the interior