About redevelopment in the apartment

How to correctly zone the "wrong" interior - photo

Often during registration it turns out thatpeople involved in it, try, come up with the most incredible and beautiful projects, but in the end, planning puts its conditions. We want to tell you about such a case today. Atypical layout in a small apartment. She was offered to design two experienced creative people - Alirese and Lyubov from the company Azari Architects. Alireza - creative person, nowHe lives and works in Iran and Ukraine. Love is a designer and artist. A few years ago, young people decided to devote themselves to creative work and engaged in private practice. And over the years they have been able to create a large number of bright and unusual interiors in Iran. But in the capital of Ukraine, their ideas are gaining momentum.


In a small one-room dwelling most oftenthe layout is inconvenient, it contains a mass of angles, protrusions that prevent the creation of something unique and attractive. This room has an area of ​​38 squares. It is located in the Iranian city of Tehran. It was because of the not very convenient layout and it was decided to combine all the rooms into one solid room. Only in this way it became possible to create a cozy bed and achieve the effect of increasing the total space.

Customer desires

The family couple, the owners of this room, wantedafter registration get a multifunctional design. But they themselves do not live in the apartment. They need it for a seasonal holiday or for renting to guests of the city.


The whole room was decorated in soft colors, without any bright shades and kinks. Pastel colors from the living-dining room can be seen in the bathroom.


In order not to clutter up and so small roomin the kitchen-living room set two mini-tables of different heights. They can be folded and removed if they are not needed at the moment. Every millimeter of the kitchen was used efficiently. In the bedroom, the cabinet doors were made of mirrors to visually enlarge the room. In order to save in the kitchen area asmore space is possible, the authors did not set up a separate table for meals, but created an area for eating with the help of a peninsular tabletop, and built a refrigerator. Thanks to this technique, it does not stand out.