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How to decorate a narrow corridor: 9 ways -

They are almost all, but what to do with them, it is understandable is not always. Today we will tell you how to decorate a narrow corridor so that you will love this space once and for all

To love the shortcomings of the neighbor is to showthe highest wisdom. We are sure, the same can be said about the shortcomings of the interior. Moreover, in these very shortcomings one can find its advantages. For example, a small kitchen can encourage you to equip a full dining area in the living room; a small bedroom will not allow you to put the desktop next to the bed, which, by the way, psychologists are very much not recommended to do. For owners of narrow corridors we also have good news - you have a rare opportunity to realize your decorating abilities to the maximum and finally overcome the fear of bright colors and bold ideas in design. And there - who knows, maybe in a year's time friends and friends do not recognize your home and will envy your bravery and creative intuition with envy.

1. Mirrors. The simplest, most understandable, common way, which, by the way, can be implemented in a rather non-standard way. For example, with the help of a mirror mosaic.

2. Photo wall-papers. If you decide to implement this method, we urge you to pass by coverings with beaches and autumn forests. But the print with a vintage contour map, palace walls or huge windows overlooking the night Paris will be able to create the right mood and energize.

3. Gallery. "Spread the walls" is possible and typical for small spaces way of distraction. You can do this by hanging photos within the framework, posters and all the same cards.

4. The ceiling. To pass through your corridor people are not afraid of walls squeezing it, make the claustrophobic look up. How? Make the ceiling blue. Or gold.

5. Unusual lighting. Light is most often responsible for the atmosphere of the entire interior. So use this.

6. The street is inside. Why not turn the corridor into a narrow European street? For realization you will need clinker tiles and several street lights.

7. Purpose. Light at the end of the tunnel draws to itself like a magnet. Let the end of your corridor be the same "gift" to the person walking.

8. Guides. This is the stripes on the walls. Bold, bright, simple and effective.

9. Function. Do you constantly forget everything? Paint the corridor wall with paint for chalk boards and write. Write down everything you were going to do, forget about what to worry about and what you expect in the future. Figures are only welcome.