How to get rid of bad habits with the help of the interior -


You break your head, what prevents you from losing weight, stop smoking and nibble in the evenings of your nails? We do not have an answer, but there are recommendations that will definitely work for you

Almost everyone has habits and addictions,which do not benefit either the body or everyday life in general. Whether it's addiction to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, or talk shows doesn't matter. Even if you bite your nails when you think about a souffle that has not risen, this is also a habit that spoils your manicure and calls into question your stress resistance. We will not get into the deep jungle of the psychological background of obsessive states, but our advice will certainly help to facilitate the transition to a new life, free of bad habits. 1. Order

What do you think is common in brothels of differentDegree of direction? The answer is simple as a stool is a mess. Heaps of rubbish clog up not only space, but also consciousness. When things around you are haphazardly scattered, not having a permanent place of dislocation, so it is with your awareness of yourself in this world. Hence the conclusion: work on storage systems in your home and think what should necessarily be hidden from the eyes behind the doors and partitions, and what can and should be put on public display.

Gradually accustom yourself to order and cleanliness. Buy a new mop, fix the vacuum cleaner, get clean rags and sponges. All this will help you at a psychological level to reduce the level of stress from the upcoming regular cleaning. And finally bring your thoughts in order. 2. The natural palette

There is nothing better than nature in the world. That is why the acid, candy and luminescent shades are often rejected by our minds. If your interior resembles a night club with its color filling, do not be surprised by chronic insomnia and constantly "cocked" condition.

The best remedy for mental pain or, as in our case, from the disharmony of the internal state, is a calm, pacifying environment.

Look back and honestly answer the question that youAnnoying in your home. Even if it is a portrait of your beloved grandmother against the backdrop of the bright urban scenery of the Venetian Burano, gather strength and take the picture back to where it will not so disturb your restless mind. Your choice is the natural shades of the earth, grass, water and sky. Ideally they should be muffled. All bright accent spots are also better to withstand in the same natural scale. 3. Painting

This is the most interesting. Suppose you decide to abandon caffeine for a while or forever. You switched to tea and herbal infusions or started yoga and try to sleep. However, with all this, you still need external support, which will remind you every day of a new life without stimulants. What to hang on the wall?

Here everything depends on the features of your psyche. Someone, abandoning a favorite product or drink, wants to contemplate it every day at least in the form of a two-dimensional image. Such a fastened coffee man with pleasure will hang in the kitchen a canvas with a steaming cup of coffee, every morning fantasizing about the degree of roasting grains for this particular cup. Another person prefers to erase all that is superfluous from life. In this case, it is better to decorate the walls with invigorating landscapes that stimulate active actions of one kind or another. 4. Inspiration

Even if your profession is not related to the creativeActivity, since you wandered to our site, your soul precisely requires the realization of hidden talents. Perhaps you like to cook and every weekend you try to surprise your family with something completely new, or at leisure you are engaged in modeling military equipment, taken out of production, or for the joy of close copying the work of impressionists.

In any case, a hobby is great, it is often our hobbies that help to cope with addictions and bad habits. Any creative work requires inspiration.

Therefore, we suggest once again to strain your mind andThink about what inspires you. Portrait of Jamie Oliver? Wallpapers from the parents' house in surrealistic ornaments, on which you, from childhood, discerned whole pictures with royal castles, talking fish and evil witches? Flowering cacti, one of their existence proving that there are no obvious things in this world, and the beauty is hidden sometimes under the spiky cover of pain? 5. Stimulus

So, we found the source of inspiration, nowIt is necessary to stimulate oneself to regular actions and daily movement towards the goal. Do you have a goal? The stimulus can be like a picture of a vacation, where you have fun and easy, and a portrait of an athlete rushing to the finish line. Do you nibble at the root? Hang on the wall an advertisement for nail polish with the perfect manicure. Do you want to stop eating at night and pump steel buttocks? Well ... you understood the idea. 6. A place for rest

You can not work around the clock. At a certain point, even the steel mechanisms break down. Therefore, trying to fill your life with work in the hope of escaping from a bad habit will ultimately lead you to a breakdown. That this does not happen, we call you to create a corner of rest and rest in your house. It can be a chair with a floor lamp and a shelf for books, a whole living room, which for a while you will be turned into a movie theater, or even a tiny balcony with a stool and a table for a cup of tea.

There is only one thing: this place should not encourage you to return to a bad habit. That is, no ashtrays, gigantic sparkling glasses, coffee cups, etc. 7. Relaxation

This item is a logical continuation of the previous one. Stresses are contraindicated to you, so a box with emergency psychological help should be constantly kept in view. What will be there - nicotine gum, protein bars or a set for aromatherapy, does not matter. The main thing that a strategic reserve stressoponizhayuschih tools you can uncover even bleary eyes, tinnitus and tremor of the limbs at the same time.