Organization of space

How to effectively equip a small living room: tips for pros -

A small living room is a problem if you have a widenature. How to make a room comfortable for guests, beautiful and memorable? Read in our article: the basic rules, ideas and advice of professionals. The small living room is an uneasy room for arrangement, taking into account the requirements for it. The living room should be beautiful, stylish, comfortable for guests and easy to clean. In fact, to make the result stunning, it is worth keeping only two basic principles, taking each decision: consider the size and do not complicate.

Expansion of space

Little place - the reason to make priorityVertical surfaces. High narrow cabinets visually draw the room and leave more room for movement. Take into account the dimensions - too large screen TV is not the place, as well as massive furniture and giant chandeliers. Another way - draw attention to neighboring areas with bright accents or open shelves, strategically placed where the living room turns into a dining room or, for example, a loggia. Our opinion: - Simply list: Visually reduce the space of dark, saturated shades, matte surfaces, furniture of large dimensions. Straight lines "crush" the room into parts, in contrast to the smooth ones. Minimalism and order increase the room, oversaturation and confusion cause attacks of claustrophobia.

Color scheme

You probably know that light colorsIncrease the space - choose white, light gray, pastel colors. But if the soul is to any other color - paint them all the walls, do not combine with other shades, so the observer's sight will be able to cover the entire room at once. The overall complexity will force guests to visually "stumble" on the color transitions, inspecting the living room - and you in fact need a solid, rather than a fragmentary impression.

The question of sex

Whichever gender you choose, the main thing is thatThe decoration was single for the whole room. Looks great tree - narrow parquet slats visually expand the space. The carpet should cover most of the floor - a small one will create a feeling of tightness.

Choosing furniture

Furniture in a small room should not occupyA lot of space. Choose elongated silhouettes, light transparent materials, shiny surfaces. Of course, it is best if the items will perform several functions - a table with built-in shelves and a sofa with storage box save your efforts on the arrangement. Think about the big mirror in the living room - it will add light and space. And do not complicate the design of windows, let nothing hinder the light. Inga Azhirey, interior designer: - Mirrors - friends of small spaces. But it's important to place them correctly. For example, it's unpleasant to bump into your own reflection, coming out from behind the corner. An interesting idea is mirrors in window slopes, they let in more light. They can increase the area of ​​library cabinets or "reflect" interesting decor elements. Our opinion: - If you decide to install a large mirror in the living room - make sure that in its reflection the guests do not see, for example, a hanger in the corridor or a mess in the bedroom. Excellent if it reflects the view outside the window or a beautiful picture.

Right Light

Think about several sources of lighting -Floor lamps should not take up too much valuable space on the floor, and most often fill a small space too ruthless for its shortcomings with bright light. The best option - sconces and small table lamps. Tina Gurevich, interior designer: - Even in a small living room, you can select several zones, including with the help of light. It is advisable to think over the lighting scenario for each of them. For example, a low descending lampshade on the table, high lamps in the fireplace zone and a lamp with an elegant lampshade above the place for reading.