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How to equip a children's playground in the country and how much it costs -


You noticed that from the playgrounds disappearedChildren? The Soviet swings and "climbing frames", on which the childhood of the previous generations passed, no longer seem interesting to them. Whether it's bright pictures in the phone ... How to make it so that the child was interested in playing on the street? A good solution can be the equipment of a modern children's playground. Sounds ambitious, agree. We looked at how this problem is being solved in the West, and chose 5 options that can be recreated in our realities

They have

One of the most beautiful and spiritual places forChildren's games are created in Germany. Platforms are well-designed complexes of hills, houses, cable cars, swings, all kinds of "lazals" and real obstacle courses. There are also shops for parents. All objects are made of wood, and the site itself is covered with a thick layer of sand, which reduces the likelihood of serious injuries to a minimum. At this time in Copenhagen, children are exploringCurved houses, in Stockholm - they climb inside a giant owl, and in Japan they play among more than 300 tires of different sizes, built in the form of robots and dinosaurs.

We have

Order ready-made something like this in Russia, or almost unrealistic, or will cost you a tidy sum. Let's consider the available options.


One of the favorite entertainment for children andadults are. A prefabricated metal structure, which can be easily disassembled and removed for the winter, will cost about 5-10 thousand rubles, depending on the manufacturer. A similar wooden structure costs from 13 thousand rubles.

Children's houses

Children learn to assign roles with jointgames, a haven for which an orphanage can become. There are plastic models - from 12 thousand rubles, as well as from wood - from 30 thousand rubles. Our opinion: - The cost is influenced not only by the material used, but also by the complexity of the design. For example, there are houses with opening doors and - they will cost more. And you can easily make some of the simplest models of houses with your own hands.

Dacha swimming pool

Children love to play with water, so personala swimming pool within walking distance will take them for a long time. An inflatable version for kids can be bought inexpensively - from 500 rubles. The cost of a frame pool for older children and their friends starts at 15 thousand rubles. Our opinion: - Prefabricated pools are ideal for our weather conditions. They are characterized by increased durability, plus they do not need to be removed for the winter. For more information on how to choose a pool, read our article on.

Sports equipment

Turnik, all kinds of ladders and ropesFor older children. Depending on the complexity of the design, the price varies from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. Do not forget about the trampolines. The model with a barrier grid can be bought for 11-14 thousand, without it - from 7 thousand. Larger models with a blade diameter of three meters will cost 16-25 thousand rubles.


A place for the development of creative abilitiesWill become a sandbox. Kulichiki, secret passages and sand castles - who among us was not keen on this in childhood? The finished construction will cost in the amount of 4,000 rubles. But here you can do with improvised materials and build something unforgettable - for example, a fabulous ship.