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How to equip a sauna in a house or apartment: 4 important points

Love to soar in the sauna, but not enough timeAnd forces somewhere to go? Now you can avoid long trips and recording procedures by simply setting up a sauna right in your apartment or house. We will tell you about all important points in detail. It is easy to list all the advantages of a sauna: a powerful immunomodulator, a means for losing weight and eliminating toxins, preventing colds, and, of course, incomparable complete relaxation. But all this is available only in a country house, you will say. This is not quite true. Today, with all the diversity in the construction market and materials, the installation of a sauna in the apartment became available. So, every second Finnish family, living in multi-storey houses, has a steam room in their apartments. How to do it - we now try to figure it out.

Types of saunas

There are two kinds of saunas that can be installed inUsual apartment: wooden with an electric stove-heater and a ready infrared cabin from the manufacturer. Of course, it will be difficult for them to compare with a spacious country sauna, but at home they will become a "lifebuoy" for lovers to warm up properly.

What to choose?

Adjust humidity, use wet orDry steam, control the temperature, choosing different modes, and watering stones with water will be possible only in a wooden sauna. But considering the plans of standard apartments, to accommodate such a miracle, you have to make a redevelopment, because you can not install it in living rooms. The construction of such a steam room is very simple - it is a wooden frame filled with a heater, upholstered from the outside by a heat-insulating material with a hermetically sealed door. The oven with an electric spiral is made of special stones that do not crack when exposed to high temperatures and do not burn oxygen. Such saunas come in different types and forms, the main thing is to correctly calculate your needs and energy consumption of the furnace. You can proceed from the fact that two square meters of space will need 2 kW, and the allowable rate for saunas is 4.5 kW. With all its merits and chic, woodenSaunas are expensive, energy-consuming, and the internal cladding for fire safety requirements should be made of hardwoods. Spruce or pine produce resin, which, according to experts, can lead to spontaneous combustion. Therefore, a perfect modern alternative can be ready-made infrared cabins. Possessing the same properties, they consume no more energy than an ordinary washing machine, and different sizes and shapes will allow you to choose an option even for small apartments without any redevelopment. They have a relatively affordable price of $ 2,000, and more and more buyers are opting for just such saunas.

How to equip a sauna in an apartment

Infrared saunas are still very convenient at the expense ofThat can fit in almost any apartment. The standard single-seat cubicle usually measures one meter per meter, so about 1.1 mx 1.2 m of free space is required to install it. All that you need is an ordinary electrical outlet with a voltage of 220 volts, because the infrared sauna is a household electrical appliance. No permits for its installation in the apartment are required, plus everything it is fireproof. In the case where the place allows, you can treat yourself to a triple or even a four-seater cabin. If the infrared cabin does not suit you, and you want to install or make your own hands an ordinary sauna, then keep in mind that the law does not welcome such an "improvement" of the apartment. Prepare to make great efforts, and also spend a lot of time to get all the permits. By the way, according to the law, a home sauna is available only to residents of monolithic and brick houses. And once again we will remind: such materials as a fur-tree and a pine do not arrange fire inspection.,,,,,